trying to find a neck brace for my dog

I was hoping someone could help me. My doberman may have wobbler syndrome and I have done some research on the internet and seen pictures of doberman’s with a neck brace on, which gives there neck some support while it is trying to heal.

I asked my vet about this and he thought that it would be a great idea, but had never heard of it.

If anyone knows where I could purchase a neck brace I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you


Cal Vet Supply shows cervical collars on their page, but I’m not sure if that would be rigid enough for your needs.

I’m sure you’ve found all the same sites containing information about the syndrome that I found. Have you tried joining any lists dedicated to dobermans and asking people there if they’ve had any luck? Most of the information that I found about neck braces said they were “custom,” so your best bet might be finding someone who’s had to deal with the problem before.

Good luck with your doggie.

Well, ya know, I’ve been browsing around here, and it looks to me that for people at least, a cervical collar is the same thing as a “neck brace”, and that cervical collars for people come in different degrees of stiffness. I agree that the cervical collars at CalVet Supply look like the kind of soft collar that’s just meant to keep Fido from messing with the bandage, but that’s not to say there might not be stiffer neck braces out there.

Also, I find numerous references out there on the Web to “the dog being sent home from the vet’s with a neck brace (or cervical collar)”. Obviously they can’t all be custom-made. So I’d get on the phone and ask some different vets where you can buy a neck brace. Obviously your personal family vet is not au courant with the latest in canine medical technology. :smiley:

I still recommend you join the Doberworld mailing list.

The list is full of breeders, rescuers and veterinary doctors who love the breed. They would bend over backwards to help you.