Trying to find a series of drawings from the 1800s

I once saw a series of drawings, I believe from the 1800s, that depicted the slow degradation of an alcoholic. The first drawings showed him drinking socially, then more and more often. Each drawing showed his house getting shabbier and family growing poorer, until finally there are no furnishings left in the house. The final drawings show him murdering someone in a drunken rage, and he ends up in an asylum.

The drawings may have been British in origin, but I’m not certain. I’m pretty sure I saw them online once, but I can’t find them. If anyone has any clues as to what the series is called, or where I can find it online, I’d me much obliged. Thanks.

Perhaps a version of Hogarth’s A Rake’s Progress?

Also done as a series of etchings, rather than paintings.

Not exactly - I think the drawings I’m looking for have something to do with the Temperance movement.

Any of these links help?

Google search for Temperence Movement Cartoons