Web art help requested.

A while back, I saw some art on the web. Recently, I was trying to tell someone about it, because I thought it was really neat, but for the life of me I cannot remember the artist’s name.

It was a set of drawings, kind of like single-panel cartoons, but with vaguely morbid or creepy themes. The one that really stands out in my mind is of a Grim Reaper figure in an elevator, with (maybe) a little girl staring up at him through the open doors. (I say “maybe” because children, usually in rather odd/creepy situations, feature rather heavily in many of the drawings, so I may be conflating with another in the set.)

I don’t recall any color in the drawings, but I felt that they were kind of stark in any case, so I could be mistaken about that. The drawings themselves were fairly stylized, almost as seen from a child’s perspective, with everything except for the children themselves being proportionally huge. The tone of the drawings was kind of foreboding, as they seemed to be pictures of the situation right before something really horrible happened.

I’ve searched on google and all the art references I know, but with no luck. I appreciate any help anyone can give.

If you’re on IE, and you were at the site less than 3 weeks ago, click on the little sundial at the top, and search through the results. Notice that you can sort by date, by site, etc. Other browsers probably have something similar. Sorry if you already knew this. Just trying to fight off some ignorance.