Help required finding artist info please

Hello all,

I am trying to gather information regarding an illustrator / caricatirist called E. Noack (possibly the ‘E’ is for Edward).

A friend of mine has a series of pictures by this person that feature, um, sort of mechanical landscapes.

They were, as far as we can ascertain, produced in the late 1950’s.

Any ideas or info? Thanks in advance for your help.


Amazing, the 'Dope fails… It’s like someone drowned a kitten… :(.

Well, it’s not like you gave us a whole lot of information, bub. Heck you don’t even know the person’s name.

Can you give us a link to at least one of the drawings? take a photo, scan it in, something. I’m not really sure what a “mechanical landscape” is. A horizon of factories? Nothing but robots? A car junk pile?

Why do you think these were from the late 1950s?

Any idea if he is American, British, French? Italian? Japanese? Russian? That might help too.