Trying to find a thread ~

Hey all!
I was checking the statistics on my site & saw a lot of people coming in from this forum… I had never heard of it before then but have been on some other forums lately so I thought I’d come check things out over here :wink:

…but I never did find the link or thread or whatever where people were finding my site ~ can anyone tell me where it is?
Thanks so much!!

Well, I found it. But it’s maybe not the most flattering of comments about the style of dress.

The thread is I hate those high waisted sundresses!, and the link to your site is about 2/3 of the way through the thread.

Hey ~ Thanks for checking for me!! :wink:
It was just making me too curious!

stick around for a little bit. You might like it.

Hey, phunkymonkeythreads! Nice to meet you… Do stick around! :slight_smile: