Trying to find info a about a specific MLM scam

I met the son-in-law of a friend the other day, and he was all juiced up about a marketing opportunity he had recently invested in. He’s at a fairly low level in the military, and (I’m guessing) is looking for way to make some extra money.

The way he described it, it involves this company setting him up with his own marketing website to sell products he can order from them. In addition it has some sort of pyramid type structure where he’s under someone, and is supposed to sell these websites to people that would be under him.

Anyway, for variety of reasons it sounded like a particular silly MLM scam, but I didn’t say anything to him as I had no info on the company. Does this “your own website” setup pe setup describe any MLM companies?

It could be a recent addition to Herbalife. The person I know who was an Herbalife victim has not been involved for several years, but they were definitely moving toward high-tech promotion three or four years ago…

You don’t give much to go on, but this web-based home business scam seems to be growing exponentially. Every time I see the same commercial with the same stock video it has a different URL at the bottom of the screen. A little googling turned up well over a thousand URLs all pointing to the same site that collects personal information like address and telephone numbers. You can see the full URL list on this guy’s blog.

I wonder if the son-in-law has got his own URL and gets paid based on how many suckers he can get name, address and phone number from.

An acquaintance of mine got into a similar scheme with aromatherapy products.

My wife (gf) at the time got sucked into Market America. She really honestly couldn’t tell what was going on from the inside. Of course I don’t think she understands the concept of a pyramid scheme or MLM, so to this day she still talks about how much money she could have made if she could have sold some of her product. I could go on and on about that expierence, but we’ll save that for another thread.

Heck, the Google ads advise me to take “MLM Training” at MLMTraffic (link broken because I despise these clowns in general). It’s not like these guys are hard to find.

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I’m sorry but that just cracks me up. I suppose that Studebaker would be the largest company in the world if they just could have sold some friggin cars.

Show him this:

‘Several hundred people from the Isle of Wight are thought to have lost thousands of pounds through pyramid schemes that have spread in the island in the past six months.
Pyramid schemes are a notorious get-rich-quick ruse, where investors should in theory make money by signing up new recruits.
They agree to pay a fixed sum of money to one of the members of scheme, but hope to receive even larger payments in return by recruiting others.
Four years ago the Albanian government was brought down when pyramid schemes collapsed, in which most of the population had invested their money.’

Ask him why investors with small amounts of money can apparently get rich so easily.