Trying to identify a marking on a bowl

Last night, my father-in-law sent home a crap-ton of leftovers, including a soup-bowl filled with yummy potato soup. Now that the soup is history, the bowl has me curious…

It is apparently one that my late grandfather-in-law brought home from Germany after his service in WWII. The markings on the back indicate that it was made by the Bauscher Company, in Weiden, in the period between 1933 and 1939-ish (swastika inside a toothed cog, stamped “Modell der Amtes Schonheit der Arbeit.”)

There is another marking on the front that I can’t track down: it’s an inverted triangle (with flattened points) enclosing the letters “R A G W.” From what I can find, this could be a company, a military marking from the Third Reich, a social group of some sort… this type of dish seems to have been used by and marked for everything from the Waffen SS to IG Farben to a hospital or two…

Any ideas?

One free bump - any ideas? (I’ll try to track down my camera and post a photo as soon as I can.)

Does it look like this?

P.S. The site belongs to a nutter, but I think it’s the symbol you are talking about.

That’s one of the marks from the back (apparently a Third Reich labor union,) with a different manufacturer’s mark - Bauscher instead of Rosenthal. We’re trying to identify the mark on the front, the triangle with

Photo soon!

(FWIW, we know that Granddad served in an Engineer Company during WWII, and that his unit basically followed the Allied armies from North Africa through Europe, rebuilding ports and other facilities. We have a very neat German army helmet that was apparently captured in Africa, and subsequently painted with a desert scene, plus the names of all of the places this unit worked. No one seemed to realize before I pointed out to my husband last night that the name painted inside the helmet was a person, not a place: I hope Signorina d’Andrea was a pretty lady!)

Not a great photo, but this is the logo in question.