Trying to identify an arcade game circa 1985

It was a karate game, with a player who progressed through a floor at a time, fighting opponents until arriving at the end of the floor to face a bigger opponent (a different one for each floor - I remember that in one of the upper floors, the opponent looked like “Mr. Clean”). Graphics were not particularly advanced, and the action was viewed from the the side throughout. Combination attacks using feet and hands were possible I think, as was jumping (and thus flying kicks as well). Not Karate Champ ( though I played that too, and may be mixing up details - but the game I’m looking for now was single player and the progress through a floor (or hallway) to reach a floor-level boss was key.

Found it myself - Kung-Fu Master

Man those were both great games.

Kung Fu Master, although I seem to recall it was just called Kung Fu in the US when it was in arcades.

Loved it and I still play it. Still can’t get past the third floor though.

Yep, it was big on the Nintendo, as well. One of the first games I remember playing on that system. Apparently, it was even ported to the 2600. Now that one I don’t remember.