trying to remember a british comedy show from the 70's

I’m not sure if it was ‘The Goodies’ or ‘Monty Python’, but I don’t think it was (I’m also pretty sure it was not ‘Black Adder’. I’m pretty sure it was broadcast on PBS. Back in 1976 or so, it was a show that our little 6th grade minds got a big kick out of…but I wasn’t able to watch much of it.
Here is the only scene that I have to go on…
…Paraphrased, because its been a long time ago.

The protagonist and his friend have been captured and are facing a firing squad. It is obviously bleak and there is no way for them to survive. The order is called…Ready, Aim…then the scene goes to black…
…Only for the next scene to show them happily alive with an exclamation; “that was a brilliant escape!”
Any thoughts on this, I’d like to revisit the show if I can find it streaming somewhere, but first, I have to be reminded of what the name of the show was.

I believe that was in the Cycling Tour episode of Monty Python.

And Monty Python is now streaming on Netflix so you should be able to find it easily.

That was from the third season of Monty Python’s Flying Circus; an episode called “The Cycling Tour”. It was rather an atypical episode for MPFC, as it followed a single narrative from beginning to end.

Thanks, I’m actually on episode 5 of season 3 now, and what I remembered just didn’t seem like a Monty Python sketch, so that’s why I discounted it.

I’m sure I ‘remembered’ this part of my life because I’m in the midst of the Monty Python series and was trying to fit things together.

I should have waited a few more days and then I would have seen it,…then no need for me to post here.