Britcom - Candian - Late 70s - Any ideas?

I seem to remember a show airing on PBS in Chicago, in the late 70s about a Canadian guy who was living in the UK. It was from Britian but the star of the show was Canadian.

I can’t think of the name, but the guy either was playing a comedian or was a comedian in real life.

I remember one joke where the guy was trying to explain to the Englishman he was Canadian AND a comdian and the Englishman was like “what’s the difference?”

Anyone have any clue?

I almost thought it might have been a Canadian show, except it was on WTTW PBS in Chicago so it pretty much had to be a British show, as they would run blocks of them in a row.

Are you absolutely certain he was Canadian? If he was American the description would match the British comedy show Kelly Monteith

I agree, it really does sound like the Kelly Monteith show.