Trying to remember a crime film

A movie about a criminal who gets double crossed and wants revenge against the people who set him up. Its part humor and part action. In this movie a guy gets hired to go make a pickup, I think he is normally a burglar, IDK, but is picking up some drugs and or money. He was hired to fly to another city and make a pickup. Anyway, on his way back to the airport a couple of cops pick him up because he got turned in and set up. The cops don’t arrest him, they try to rob him, he kills them and gets away. From there it is a big war between him and the dealers that set him up. He blows up the main drug dealers garage full of expensive cars and they shoot up the restaurant he owns. At the end the italian mafia gets involved to try and set things right… with the dialogue or plot it kind of reminds you of Tarentino or Guy Ritchie but was a smaller budget film.

From what you describe, it sounds like “Thick As Thieves” with Alec Baldwin.

If you recall that Baldwin’s aged dog gets killed in an attempt on Baldwin’s life, then it is definitely “Thick as Thieves” - great movie, BTW.

Wasn’t the dog bit in a Bruce Willis movie? The dog was killed while he was having his teeth brushed in a motel room? :confused:

yes thank you :D:D:D

There may be a Bruce Willis movie with a dog getting killed, but that is not “Thick as Thieves”. In “Thick”, the dog is killed while alone in the motel room (while Alec Baldwin is out trashing the guy’s cars).