TSA is a part of the "Homosexual Agenda", says (r) Eugene Delguadio.

Eugene Delguadio.

I’ll just quietly leave this here.

The title is wrong.

It should read, ** Homo’s are behind the TSA pat down…or something.**

Cause there is nothing homos like more than to rub their hands all over flabby middle aged tourists, male or female. And at the same time NO straight person would enjoy patting down a good looking member of the opposite sex.

I’ll admit that Taylor Lautner and Ryan Reynolds would get pulled out of line every time if I were on TSA, but I’m guessing that you get a lot more John Goodmans and Andy Dicks to pat down.

Interesting. One of the ads on the page is for what appears to be a gay hotel-referral service (based on the rainbow logo and the photo of a smiling shirtless stud).

ETA: Oh. That’s because the page is of “Pink News: Europe’s Largest Gay News Service.”

Found a less FABULOUS link.

I’m pretty sure it was defrocked Catholic priests who wanted this.

I’ve never understood that one – do Catholic priests ever wear frocks, apart from in the privacy of their own rectory?

It’s okay: you’re in the Pit and can use the word “assbarn” instead of “rectory”.

So they do frock in their assbarns then.

Well, the way I figure it goes like this:

  1. We have the shoe bomber.
    Result- Everyone has to take off their shoes at security.

  2. We get the under ware bomber.
    Result - Various governments spend millions of tax dollars to look at our junk (or touch it if you refuse to let somebody look at it). Bad news is high tech scanners don’t look under the skin, which brings us to…

  3. The suppository bomber.
    Result- The homosexual agenda has brought us to the point where every airline traveler will have to undergo a thorough and rigorous rectal examination which, if our intelligence reports are correct, is item number 1 or 2 on the Gay Agenda.

Summation: The Gay Terrorists Will Win.

But due to due process, we may well get to witness NYC’s Chuck Scarborough read this one day:

" The case of the supposed suppository bomber. "

The truth can at last be told. Homosexuals were behind the 9/11 attack. They engineered it so that the Bush administration would create the Transportation Security Administration which the homosexuals would then use as a means of touching Eugene Delguadio’s penis.

Heh. Just yesterday I was thinking we could harness Fred Phelps homophobic rage as a weapon against the TSA. It looks like they beat us to it.

Rectory, damn near killed him.

This could explain why Phreddy doesn’t fly.

Word. As a straight guy, I’d say that having to pat down every member of the general public who wandered through would be too high a price to pay for occasionally getting to pat down a hot babe. I presume that the same principle applies on the gay side of the fence.

Here it is: The Homosexual Agenda.

Heh heh. “Dicks to pat down.”

Looking at his picture on his website, you may want to rethink that plan. Although i am guessing getting his junk patted down by a gay guy at the securoty checkpoint would be the first time that has happened without it being in a park bathroom at midnight. This guy just screams closet case.

Damn. They have all the fun. Now I want to change my sex and my orientation.