TSD needs chat hosts, board moderators

What with growing traffic on our Web message board and the usual turnover, the Straight Dope needs chat hosts and board moderators. Interested parties should write to tubadiva@aol.com for an application. You must be over 18. A fast computer and modem, a steady head, and lots of free time are big pluses. Not to mention the patience of a saint.

Are these paying jobs?

Cheese, you’d be in the forefront of the battle against ignorance. All the glory you’d want. Spiffy uniforms too.

Ranger Jeff
The Idol of American Youth

Always drink* upstream * from the herd.

Yes, but…are these paying jobs? I can’t buy cheesy-poofs with glory!


No. Cecil squeaks by, he gives Li’l Ed a pittance, and there aint nothin’ left for Li’l Ed to pass on except the thrill of taking up a stance against ignorance. Oh, and free copies of the Chicago READER.

Ranger Jeff
Member posted 06-02-99 12:41 AM

You mean I was supposed to be dressed during all those chats?!

Chip (aka montereygo, aka sdhostego)

How about a hat or a coffee mug to feel official? Do we have to be sober?

[[How about a hat or a coffee mug to feel official? Do we have to be sober?]]

I would say sobriety could work against you.
ps – I want a hat, too.

If you throw in a complimentary Official SD Dodge Viper, I’ll do it.

“Anything is peaceful from one thousand, three hundred and fifty-three feet.”

If they threw in the offical snack food of Straight Dopers (would that be an oxymoron?) I’d do it.

(but my key board would be orange.)

Aw, come on – Circus Peanuts don’t leave that much residue.

“What can be more deluding, or even dangerous, than false comfort that blinds our vision and inspires passivity?”
– Stephen Jay Gould, Rocks of Ages

Oh, man, Circus Peanuts make my teeth hurt just thinking about them. And I don’t even have any fillings.

I have LOTS of fillings, and my teeth have never hurt due to eating a Circus Peanut. My stomach, perhaps, after a large Circus Peanut binge, but never my teeth.

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– Richard Walker, The Running Dogs of Loyalty: Honest Reflections on a Magical Zoo