TtMaR vs. Abracadbra: Worse Steve Miller "Rhyme"

I can’t decide, they’re both awful.

Nah, those rhymes are kinda cute. SM’s worst “rhyme” ever is “gangster of love” with “pompatus of love.”

I loathe any rhyme involving Texas, so that is easily the way to go.

Take the Money and Run also has the ungrammatical, “Bobby Sue took the money and run”

From Tom Lehrer-Folk Song Army


He wasn’t rhyming “facts is” and “Texas.” “Facts is” rhymes with “taxes” in L4. That doesn’t redeem the line, though.

Abracadabra is completely insipid, but at least it flows unlike TtM&R’s phonetic torture.

It’s Steve Miller, it’s not about rhyming. I don’t know what it’s about, but obviously not rhyming.

Oh yeah - that’s the one that always comes to mind.

Abracadabra’s bad rhyme is merely bad - kinda “moon and June’y”

Steve Miller is about jokin’, and smokin’ and midnight (and any other time of the day) tokin’. But he’s especially about that last part.

From Miller’s Living In the USA:

“Stand back, dietician,
Stand back, television,
Stand back, politician,
Stand back, mortician…”

Yeah…Miller is all about the tokin’.

Come to think of it, he also rhymed “gangster of love” with “talk about love” in “Space Cowboy.” And in both songs he did it right in the very first verse. Shameless!

It’s no worse than Semisonic’s Closing Time rhyme. How many would think “Exits” rhymes with “Jackets”?

I didn’t see that as a rhyme, just some mid-line rhythmic stuff. You may not like that song - many, many don’t - but Dan Wilson has had a very successful career as a songwriter after that, working with a bunch of top acts across a variety of genres…

He pronounces “exits” with a non-existant short A sound, twisting the word so that it rhymes with jackets. So I’d say it was a purposeful line. Either way, I really wasn’t commenting on his skill level or ability, just the singlular mangling of a rhyme.

Oh yeah, I hear ya - I’m not going to try to defend it all that much :wink: but, compared to Steve Miller who seems to write lyrics with a paper shredder, Dan Wilson is a decent craftsman, won awards, etc. - and has Closing Time on his resume, too :smiley:

Are you Steve Heisler? :wink:

I had to go with “Take the Money and Run”.

Actually, the first quote the rhyme isn’t supposed to be Texas<–>facts is but facts is<–>taxes:

I still picked that one since it’s just really bad. Plus, Abra-abra-cadabra is, to paraphrase Undercover Brother, kind of catchy! :stuck_out_tongue:


And that’s the secret of Steve Miller. I realized, ages ago (like 20+ years), that despite my punk and alt credentials I just REALLY found Steve Miller songs somehow satisfying. It was one of those weird realizations one has.

That son of a bitch knows how to write catchy and good songs. Is he a standout? No. But in his niche, blues-inspired guitar-based songs he’s pretty good at it. And I can sing along with his greatest hits any day.

Heck, I still have the Greatest Hits CD around here somewhere. I got it from Columbia House back in college. The college station I spun records at wouldn’t allow me to play him on the air, though.

Well said. I [del]don’t even like him that much[/del] sort of don’t like his music but I know he’s done a lot better stuff than that song.

For all of my mockery, I have to admit some of his stuff just works. Keep on Rockin’ Me Baby has retar…um…silly lyrics (I went from Phoenix Arizona all the way to Tacoma…just please shut up) but I can ride that groove forever. And I figured out a way to play the riff from Jungle Love - played in Open A by Greg Douglass* on the original - that is just so…satisfying…from a guitar-riff playability standpoint.

*Douglass was a top session player who *fell through a plate-glass door *and cut a tendon in his picking-hand wrist, rendering his fingers paralyzed, at least somewhat. He rigged up a thumb-pick grip with a flatpick and adapted his technique to allow for the challenge…

There’s nothing wrong with half rhymes. I generally prefer them to strict rhymes. However, purposely pronouncing “exits” as “axits” to rhyme as “jackets”? Yeah, that’s just wrong.