TubaChristmas Reminder

Check out the list of TubaChristmas events for your area.

I know we have a couple other TubaChristmasers on the Dope.

I promise that if you attend - at least, if you attend the one in Akron - you will not be disappointed!!

Tuba Christmas music - your mind will be blown!

Hmm. D.C.'s is tomorrow. Anybody have a horn I can borrow?

I played in Akron’s TubaChristmas from '86 to '89. Quite an experience. The 40 or so of us who played the Syracuse mall two years later couldn’t hold a candle.


Am planning to go and listen to the one at Rockefeller center next Saturday in NY. Thanks for the reminder

I’ve been to two already this year! Will be at Akron next week.

There’s a short video of Sunday’s TC at http://www.ohio.com. About two-thirds down the page.

Cool, thanks for the link Sigmagirl. And thanks for coming to TubaChristmas! Looks like the crowd was packed in more tightly than the players. Oy!

They turned about 200 people away for the first seating (EJ Thomas Hall has a capacity of 2955) and had room for maybe that many more at the second seating. All told, I’d say about 5500 people saw TubaChristmas 2008 in Akron this year.

At times like this I wish I’d continued playing, even occasionally. I love the tuba.

I attended the Tuba Christmas in Akron last year with my family. We enjoyed the heck out of it. Not many things can bring together folks from 8 to 86. Turns out tuba carols is one of those things.

I’m planning on listening to the one in Dallas, TX on Dec. 24 at 12 noon. I’ve been to several, they are wonderful. (my boys both played string bass, I wanted them to try to be involved, but they just rolled their eyes!-don’t know if it would have even been possible.)

For those of you who want to play but aren’t quite sure - you should just DO IT!

I’m a trombonist who hasn’t played in a regular group for about 3 years now. I still haul out my beat-up old baritone every Christmas and fake my way through the performance on the treble clef music (my TubaChristmas buddy is a trumpet player so I needed to play treble so he could help me with fingerings). I’ve written in the fingerings for the first half-dozen songs, and by the fourth song or so it all comes back. I still sound good :slight_smile:

If your local group is big enough to accommodate a few fakers/clunkers, I highly recommend it. It’s quite a joy!

How long has the Akron one been at EJ? When I was playing it was still at the Civic, but even then it was outgrowing the space.

–Cliffy, who incidentally also played his horn at EJ once

I can’t believe TubaDiva hasn’t put in an appearance in this thread. :eek:

This is the second year that they’ve officially moved the venue. A while back they held it at EJ for one year while the Civic was being renovated.

Although the Civic atmosphere is to die for - and they have a sweet Wurlitzer that comes up out of the floor - I liked EJ better as a performer because there’s much more room on stage and the chairs were way comfy.

And, don’t forget, one of the first years of the Akron TubaChristmas they played in the lobby of EJ. According to Tucker Jolly’s yearly spiel “if you listen really close you can still hear the sound of TubaChristmas resonating through the lobby” :slight_smile:

Actually, it was at James A. Rhodes arena during the Civic renovations.

I understand why EJ is better for many reasons, but I miss the Civic. There needs to be more events there, more silent movies with organ accompaniment.