TubaDiva has passed away

Very sorry to hear this. I haven’t been on this board long, but I am grateful for her work in spearheading the migration of the forums

You know she was paying some of those temp boards we used at that time out of her own pocket ? i couldn’t tell anyone because she didn’t want anyone trying to pay her back …

would they let someone post something like a memorial on the main sd page ?

Why the fuck did I check in to this place right before bed? Fuck this sucks. How horrible! She survived just long enough to carry us over the threshold.

You’re a trooper Jenny, and we love you. (tears)

So far,there are 159 posts,all of us expressing shock,pain,and sympathy.
I have a feeling that this thread is going to become a LOT longer.

This is a public message board on the internet.We hide our real names,never mention our employers, give only vague details of our private lives, and keep our identities anonymous.
But we are a community of several thousand friends who need each other right now.
Is there an emoticon for hugs?

I’ve opened a thread on Cafe Society for musical, graphic, and written tributes.

Wow - I mean, wow. This is unreal.

My condolences to her loved ones. May you never know sorrow again.

Oh no! Many years ago, the first time I lived in Atlanta, I met her at my first Dopefest.

She was a nice lady and a rock of this board.

I already said in a different thread about TubaDiva that she was our Moses. She led us to a new land, only to be prevented from entering it herself.

The timing of this seems particularly cruel. Jenny patiently dealt with our complaints about SDMB for months as the old software creaked along. She worked behind the scenes to get the new board ready, she prepared us for it when it was about to roll out, she made the transition downtime easier to deal with by creating a special forum for it, and she held our hands when the new system went public. She did all this with patience, good humor, and equanimity. She passed away at what should have been a moment of triumph for her (although knowing her, she would never have acknowledged this).

I was thinking of starting a thread in ATMB to thank TubaDiva for everything she’d done for us when I saw the bad news. I wish I had done it several days ago, when she’d have been able to see it.

I didn’t interact with Jenny much: just a few nominations for Threadspotting, and a few times when SDMB was having technical problems. But each time, she was warm and kind. Even something as simple as a response to a Threadspotting nomination felt like a personal note from someone who really cared. She had the sort of personal touch that can’t be faked.

Damn it, Jenny. Not like this.

My deepest condolences to her family - Jenny was a lovely person, I didn’t interact with her much but our email exchanges were always heartwarming. I am still not really ready to believe this :frowning:

Wow, this is a shock. :cry: I had read TubaDiva’s posts more than ever recently due to the continuous errors with the old board, then the migration. I was – and still am – absolutely blown away by her patience in dealing with everything from user frustrations to the background work involved with the transfer to Discourse. I only had to contact her directly a few times, and was always amazed at how quickly she responded. In my mind, she’s always been part of the foundation of this board. She will be missed.

I do think it would be great if we could do something (donations?) as a group.

If you want to do something to honor Jenny, might I suggest we do our best to keep this message board she fought so hard for, that she obviously cared for, that she put her own cash into, going.

Wow, what a shock to read.

My first reaction (after initial disbelief) was what the [censored] happened?

Oddly enough, my late husband actually spoke more with her than with me - they had several phone conversations where they talked tubas, both being players - but that was years ago. Perhaps they are now both in the low brass section of the heavenly choir.

I cheered when she took over the board. In retrospect it was such an obvious choice. I thought she took on the often thankless task of administrator with grace and calm and steered this unruly ship through many storms.

I am so saddened by this news.

So sorry to hear this. She was always very kind, and very professional. A great loss.

:astonished: :scream: :rage: :sob:

This is horrid news. A bolt out of the blue. I had just received an email from her on the 19th.

I simply do not have words.

This is just awful. Words fail indeed.

She was our rock. This is devastating and I am speechless. :cry:

She had a more thankless job than a Big 4 Intern, yet she performed it with aplomb. While one or more people will end up having to take over her duties, she will remain irreplaceable.