Tucson Dopers--a favor?

Could someone who lives in Tucson please do me a favor? I need a photo of a sign for a shop there, and I keep forgetting every time I visit.

There is a place called Hair & Perm on Broadway near Tucson Blvd (2425 E Broadway Blvd) and the big sign out front looks like it says “Hair Sperm”

I want to post a picture of it on my site.

Please? Anyone?

If you can’t get a response I’ll try to get a photo when I’m down there in a few weeks.

Maybe it’s supposed to look that way, a new kind of conditioner :smiley:

I’ll probably be down there this weekend. I’ll try and remember to fire up the digital camera.

If you want to make double-sure I remember, though, maybe shoot me an email on Saturday. I’m notorious for spacing this kinda stuff.

OH MY GOD!!! I remember that sign! What kind of a freak am I that I remember that sign after six years?

When you put the pic up on your site, let me know so I can go and reminisce, okay? :smiley: