Tue or false: ST Voyager made it back home to Earth.

Star Trek Voyager, the one we seen in the pilot episode, made it back to Earth.

True or false?

I don’t know if Voyager, the ship, ever was at earth, it was designed for operations in the ‘badlands’ which is not near earth, I suspect it was not build near earth. The did make it back to Federation space using a Borg warp conduit or something like that IIRC.

True. Amazon Prime has the entire series, if you need verification.

It must have, Starfleet made Janeway and admiral.

The Ship of Theseus

After making many repairs and refits and upgrades with alien tech, is it the same ship any more?

I’ve watched the series a couple of times. The question of whether or not they made it back home is not so cut and dry. One could argue that everyone died except for Harry Kim and Naomi Wildman, who both now live in a parallel universe.

That’s a fan conspiracy theory, not canon.:dubious:

They got shot out of a canon?

After all that cell replacement, are they the same people any more?

Unless the beginning of that episode was the parallel universe! OooooWeeeeeOooooo!

Forget cell replacement. Are you the same person if you’ve been through a transporter?

Are we the same person? What cells remain from myself at 6 months old; 6 years old and now at 68 years? Parts of bones? Neurons (some %)?

Unless they replace the keel, yes.

The final episode ends with them near Earth orbit. I guess you could argue they didn’t actually get there on screen, though the existin nce Admiral Katherine Janeway in Nemesis indicates they did get there. There were two situations where Voyager was duplicated, but in one we know what happened to the duplicates, and, in the other, both had equal claims on being the original. No alternate universes were involved.

But all of that is moot because Voyager time traveled and made it to Earth back in Season 3. Unless you require them to actually land.

Pretty sure the trivial details of that ep make it clear that its the ship seen in in the pilot, along with alternate universe Kim and Naomi.

But if we want to do a deep dive in alternate timelines and such, we could talk about how Enterprise ep 1., FC (the movie), TOS era Defiant getting pulled back in time to the Mirror universe, have all utterly mucked up the Prime timeline.

And gave her a staff position at Starfleet Command so she’d never be in command of a starship again.

Better Question– Did Voyager exist at all? Ever?

Nope, she’d be in command of numerous starships. She’d have no problem sending the Enterprise and other ships into dangerous situations.

I thought the ship got replaced with a duplicate/parallel universe crossover/something, hence my vote, but there’s no way I’m going to rewatch that show to confirm or find I was wrong.