Tug on my bone, watch it grow straighter

Dislocated middle finger, that feels good. Makes typing and work all that much easier when I now have a cartoonish 4 fingered hand thanks to all of the medical tape.


please tell me you have a splint on it. it would be ever so handy!

My pinky is broken. (And it has a splinter in it, but that’s another thread). I didn’t even think I used my pinky to type. Boy, was I wrong.

I fractured my middle finger a few years ago. I had a splint on it and it looked like I was giving everybody the finger. I wore that for several months and I got in the habit of using my ringer finger to type instead of my middle finger. I only wore the splint for two months and it took twice as long for me to reteach myself to use the middle finger again.