Tunnel connecting New York to Delaware?

In a trivia game I was just in, one of the questions was

The answer given was Delaware. Something sounds fishy. Is this true? Googling for tunnels and New York and Delaware gives too many results to wade through, and I’m not seeing anything on any maps.

I’d guess it’s a tunnel housing optical cables, to Ireland or the Canaries or something.

No no, the question suggests that the world’s longest tunnel connects Delaware and New York… nothing about Ireland or the Canaries… hence my confusion. :confused:

Oops, sorry…
You need to remember to use quotes in Google :slight_smile: …“longest tunnel” delaware “new york” gives:


Awesome, thanks =)

My pleasure…another obscure fact to bore people with is mine mwahhh hah ahhaha

And by the way the tunnel doesn’t have anything to do with the state of Delaware. The “Delaware” is theDelaware River in upstate New York adjacent to the Catskill mountain area.

The questions stumped me, and I actually even knew about the giant NYC water tunnels.

For some reason, I was focused on vehicular tunnels, and was thinking, “That’ll serve Jersey right for refusing to build I-95!!!” :smiley: