Ask the Guy Who Claims to be from Delaware

I have read a few threads here about Delaware possibly being a fictional State. I have no “real” evidence to prove that the State does, in fact, exist. I personally prefer to think of it as a state of being, rather than a State. The place exists, I oughta know, I exist here. Here is my personal opinion about the reason for the existence of Delaware.

You have all heard of Area 51…Aliens, spaceships, top secret guvmint stuff. Well, I’m here to tell you it is a red herring. That’s right, “they” just want you to think it is a top secret facility. “They” don’t want to you know that all that stuff (aliens, spaceships, etc) is really hidden in plain site. Think Purloined Letter.

“Delaware” has the 2nd largest airbase for C-5 Galaxy cargo planes. It is a modest size base located right off of Rt. 1 (the highway that funnels tourists to the beach). It is pretty easy to get on the base. You can see everything just by driving by. Well, you think you see everything. What “they” don’t tell you is that there are secret access doorways and tunnels that lead to the underground complex. :eek: The base is located only a few miles from the Delaware Bay. Easy access for the alien craft. Just shoot out underwater until you reach the ocean where it can emerge unseen and undetected. I’m tellin ya, its a perfect set-up. No one would think to look at such an innocent looking base in such a nowhere place as DE. Even you didn’t think so. See how well it works.

Dover (where the air base is locate) is 2 hrs from Philly, 4 hrs from NYC, 2hrs from Baltimore, 2hrs from DC, 4hr from Norfolk. Coincidence? I think not! But you decide for yourselves.

Anyway, what other questions do you have about Delaware?


My cousin went to school in a town called “Newark, Delaware” when everybody KNOWS Newark is in Joisey!

She showed me the campus once–lots of big boxy “colonial style” buildings, perfect for hiding the labs and missile silos.

My question is: why risk exposure by creating such an obviously fake place? My cousin is mute on the topic and immediately moved to Philadelphia after “graduation” and now works for a chemical company. :dubious:

BTW, what does “Dupont” mean in the alien languages you know?

Quick! Which states does this so-called state border?

I have driven through what was claimed to be Delaware once. I suspect it was a hologrammatic projection or a Truman Show-style film set.

Also, ever noticed when you’re trying to name all the states, you always forget this one? There’s an obscurity field being projected around the so-called place.

It’s actually in Canada, bounded on the east by Ontario and on the west by Ontario. There is nothing to the north or south except vast wastelands with maybe a tumbleweed…and a lone dog barking in the distance.

Do you know the story behind why the northern border is rounded? If not, can you make something up that sounds convincing?

One reason (among many) that people suspect that Delaware does not exist is the shockingly little national news quality information that comes from the supposed area. It is like the only satellite feed truck in Delaware broke down years ago and nobody cared enough to replace it (either that or it is all intentional).

Let’s say you meet a person who gets confused when you say you are from Delaware. Looking back in the past 20 years, can you name 5 news stories that took place in Delaware that would make anyone in the nation go :smack: and feel stupid for ever doubting its existence?

::adjusts tinfoil hat, looks around suspiciously::

The northern border is round because of a dispute about who owned what. When they drew the lines they measured a 12 mile radius from the center of New Castle (or something like that). It think its because of the edge of the mothership under the land.

I don’t speak DuPont, they scare me. The freaks.

ne reason (among many) that people suspect that Delaware does not exist is the shockingly little national news quality information that comes from the supposed area. It is like the only satellite feed truck in Delaware broke down years ago and nobody cared enough to replace it (either that or it is all intentional).

The last news worthy thing, other than Joe Biden, a C-5 crashed near the air base. The 1st one to do so since the 70’s.

As for the news blackout, seems a little too convient, huh?

You Jerseyites say “newerk”, in DE it is New Ark (short “a”), get it, New Ark (ok, so it aint’ that funny) ::slinks away::

Gentlemen, please! You’re all only getting sucked farther into the conspricy! Delaware is real, of course. People have driven through it, you meet people from there, clearly it exists. What does not exist, however, is Wyoming. Just think: have you ever met someone from Wyoming? Have you ever driven through it, or even met ayone who has driven through it? No, you have not. The only logical conclussion is that what is known on maps as the state of Wyoming is, in fact, a large gaping hole in the universe. Possibly inhabited by dragons who consume stars or demons who devour all matter and energy.

Delaware is Wyoming, Wyoming is Delaware. The rabbit hole gets deeper :eek: In fact, there is a town in DE, just south of Dover, called Wyoming!!

Delaware borders PA, MD and NJ. The rounded portion is a 50 mile arc (I think) centered on the state house (I think). The portion of the arc that borders New Jersey is in the river.

So which states have an arc as part of their boundary? Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Yes. To both questions. :slight_smile:

The arc is a 12 mile radius measured from the cupola of the courthouse in New Castle (the town, not the county). The arc is only in PA.

Amazing! I want your picture!

What did Delaware, boys, what did Delaware?

Idaho, Alaska or a New Jersey. Whatever works for ya. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, then.

What did Tennessee?
What did Mississip?
Where has Oregon?

Tennesee Flori die

Mrs Sipped (Mississip) a Minne sota

Ore has gone (Oregon) to pay her taxes

It is that type of divisionary propaganda that starts to solidify my convictions that what we are dealing with here is very strange.

A C-5 military plane crashes and the location is listed as Delaware. It seems a little too convenient for me. I don’t know what that plane was carrying but that report means definitely that they never want anyone to inquire much about the mission. It is almost a cliche but giving fake locations are a staple of the military.

Joe Biden - I don’t think that anyone has ever suggested that Delaware doesn’t exist as an idea, a business entity, nor a political tactic. My theory is that New Jersey and Maryland have one extra Senator each because of a back room deal in the old days. Delaware is almost like a wildcard slot in sports. A strong showing by a dark horse can be dropped into that slot while keeping the traditional state politics intact.