Turk E. Cheese

I thought it was a sandwich. But apparently its my daughters favorite pizza joint. (She’s three.)

No, that’s Chuck E. Cheese. Vile pizza.

Vile Everything

No, Turk E. Cheese is Chuck E. Cheese’s Eastern European cousin, an anthropomorphic Turkish spiny mouse who sells only certified halal pizza and lahmacun. He will gladly host your child’s birthday party; but has not offered pizza delivery service since the 15th century. On the plus side, the restaurant’s animatronic characters also play a mean game of chess.

I’m aware of the actual name. That’s just not how she says it. As I said, she’s three. I was just sharing one of the latest malapropisms that amused me.

When VunderKind was that age, he ate ‘brefkist’ very morning, and wanted to eat crab legs at Fred Lobster. He loved The Beatles ‘Come Together’ calling it the ‘Shoop-shoop Song’. Now that he’s an adult, mention of any of these things embarasses him to no end.

Our term for his malaprop was a ‘Bobbyism’.

Oh, ok.

My middle son for a time there, when he was 2 or 3, used to say “That’s a God I did” instead of “That’s a good idea”. He does not find it humorous now, at 15, but I still do. As well as the fact that he was deathly afraid of oven mitts.

Nose Wipe and the Seven Dorks :stuck_out_tongue:

Not really a malapropism, but another saying that amused me. When we were in Hawaii, my MIL would often take my (then) two year old to the pool, which was always comfortably warm. My MIL would often say, “Oooh, its like a bath…”

My daughter appropriated a lot of her Grandma’s sayings, this being no exception. So one evening as we put her in the tub, she says: “Ooooh, it’s like a bath!”

Why yes. Yes, it is.

You know that stuff you brush your teeth with? That’s pooptaste. My now-13-year-old HATES it when I remind him of that.

My kid was always asking me to buy her a Colonial burger from the place with the red flag that her friends mum had taken her to. KFC!

My son once wanted me to buy something at Winn Diskie.

My stepson (his mom and I divorced in the 1980s) had no end to the malapropisms he could invent.

He asked me where we were going one day and I told him I needed to stop by my friend’s office. My friend is a chiropractor.

At the store, we saw another one of our friends and she asked the kid what we were going to do. He said, “Daddy’s going to go see the Chiro-Cracker!”

Come to think of it, that’s probably what it should be called…

Another time, his mother was headed off to a Tupperware party. The kid popped off with, “Enjoy your Flubber-ware party, Mommy!”

This kid is now 28 years old. I could embarass him SO bad…

I actually like their pizza…
Of course I also like the pizzas you can get in the deli section of the grocery store…two like 12" pizzas wrapped in cardboard and plastic wrap for $5. So maybe I just don’t care XD

When my sister was very small, she used to say “loosic” instead of “music”. We tried to get her to say it right by going “ma ma ma music”. She would respond with “ma ma ma loosic”. :smiley:

I don’t remember this, but my parents told me that when I was very small, I loved puzzles. The wooden ones with maybe 5 pieces. I could put them together, but for whatever reason I needed a grown-up to take them apart again. I would ask people to do this by saying “Ba partay?” Apparently in baby-me-speak this meant “Please take the puzzle apart so I can put it back together again.”

Did you know the ship in Wall-E is the Bxia? Yup, the B&L Bxia.

No such thing as bad pizza…unless you’re in Chicago or Houston, where there’s no such thing as good pizza.

I had a friend who, when he was little, would replace all “sm” sounds with “f” sounds. He was also fond of jam. So, he said “With a name like…, it has to be good” on more than one occasion. His mom was always telling us this story to his embarrassment.

This story always makes me chuckle…

When my fiancee was younger, she and her family were at a Chuck-E-Cheese’s. She walked up to the table after playing and said “Mom, what are Beaver Rags?”

She couldn’t get her mom’s attention so she asked again. “Mom, what are Beaver Rags.”

Still no response, so this time she yelled, “MOM! WHAT ARE BEAVER RAGS!!!”

Her mom, as well as everyone else in the general area heard her loud and clear. Her mom was of course horrified w/ embarrassment. Until they realized she was talking about BEVERAGES.

When my niece was little she was trying to express “nip it in the bud” (I think she heard if from Barney Fife). But the way it came out was “lick it in the butt”.