Turkey eggs

I’ve seen hen eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, quail eggs, plover eggs, ostrich eggs - even sturgeon eggs.

Why no turkey eggs?

I can buy turkey eggs at the local farm shop; possible reasons for them not being on wider sale:

-They really aren’t all that different to hen eggs in size, flavour and appearance (the white is whiter - that’s about it)
-I suspect they aren’t produced in the same sort of quantity; turkeys are bred to be meat-producing machines, chickens are bred either for meat or eggs, but not both. (see also this)
-And (This is the reason I personally won’t bother buying them again) The shell is really quite thick and hard to break, when it is broken, the edges have a tendency to crumble and you end up with gritty bits of shell in your egg. The membrane inside the shell is quite tough and leathery; breaking through this usually results in rupturing the yolk - which, as a lover of fried egg sandwiches, I can only describe as disastrous.

Very interesting. This - and the link - answer all my questions.

And here I was thinking that probably nobody had asked that before! :wally


My mother asked this question once, and I remember web searching for an answer. If I recall, one of the reasons was the taste is a little gamey for North American sensibilities, among other reasons.

The perfect master addressed this in the past.

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Actually, it’s all a big cover-up. The truth is that modern turkeys have been genetically engineered to reproduce by binary fission.