Turkey wing meat.

White meat or dark?

I wanna say dark, but it’s so white that doesn’t seem right.

It looks white and tastes white, but then, well, I’m not so sure.

What say y’all?

(This issue has arisen every time I strip the carcass to make turkey stew, which will be served for dinner, this evening, with fresh Portuguese rolls, mmmm!)

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It’s white meat. It lacks the myoglobin found in the legs of poultry, which makes leg meat dark. Myoglobin is needed for sustained activity. Because chickens and turkeys do not have sustained flight, their breast and wing muscles don’t have much myoglobin; they use their legs much more, so they need it there. Ducks have sustained flight, so their breast and wing muscles contain myoglobin and are dark meat.

Thanks Colibri, I’ve often wondered which is was, now I know.