Turks don't like april?

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I was driving to work today and was stopped at a light in front of a van with a large bumper sticker that read: “Turks don’t like april”. It had me scratching my head. Could anyone shed some light on this? What does it mean?

April 24th is the date of remembering the Armenian Genocide, which Turkey pretty much denies happened. According to them 1.5 million people spontaneously went on vacation… or something.

April 25th is the date of the Gallipoli landing in 1915, which caused 250,000 Turkish casualties. Perhaps a combination of the two?

Yeah, but the Turks won at Gallipoli. It’s the battle that really propelled Mustafa Kemal’s ( the future Ataturk ) career.

No, it’s almost certainly what Kingslayer indicated - a comment on the Armenian Genocide.