turn ons

Gotta go along with everyone else on this one:
-hands definitely, just somethin about a strong pair of dirty hands that gets me in a frenzy
-kissin on the forehead
-a little cockiness
For a few of my own:
-wearing a baseball cap low so you can barely see his eyes
-a wife beater…have to have a semi-decent bod though but just thinkin about a guy in a wife beater…gotta go


Excuse me?

Excuse you…whats the problem with that?

I think that she had the same reaction I did. Meaning, of course, that I am woefully out of touch with your specific meaning of wife beater. I promise you, my mind said, I’ll kill this person if they go out looking for someone else’s husband, and then make sure they are an abusive spouse.

So…perhaps you could explain for me, the poor ignorant fool, exactly what you mean by wife beater?

Some people refer to those tank-style men’s undershirts as “wife-beaters”, in the sense that they’re what you normally see unemployed, alcoholic, abusive spouses wearing in TV, movies, etc.

Just for the record…having this information does not mean I condone its use. :slight_smile:

Really a lot of money.

A cool car.

Big fat penis.

Gotta say those wife-beater T-shirts don’t do nuthin’ for me, though.




One outta three ain’t bad as long it’s the most important one and I know how to use it right, Carina you naughty, naughty girl?

An original thread idea.