Turn the God damned thing off already!

Hey Asshole,

Yes, you with the Diesel Pickup truck. Don’t you think it the least bit inconsiderate to leave your loud, smelly Diesel pickup truck running, double parked in the middle of the street for 30 - 35 minutes on a Sunday afternoon? People are (or rather WERE) outside enjoying the day until you pulled up. I know that diesel locomotives and tractor trailers stay running even when not being driven, and supposedly diesels use very little fuel at idle, but will it fucking kill you to turn yours off in my god-damned neighborhood? It’s a fucking pickup truck, not a Kenworth :rolleyes:, and if you have 35 minutes to shoot the shit, you can wait another 45 seconds for the glow plugs to heat up or whatever.

I’d like to go talk to my half-wit neighbor you were visiting and ask him if maybe next time you could turn it off. But that won’t help, because he drives his Mustang like a fucking maniac. I somehow don’t think he’d be too sympathetic.

OK, now I feel better and I can get back to my reading. You’re still an asshat though.

The pissed off guy two houses down.

PS: I bet you’re the type of dickwad to leave it running parked 15 feet from the drive through at the bank or McDonalds, aren’t you. And no, your big powerful diesel truck doesn’t make up for your miniscule penis either.l

<pedant>It’s minuscule, actually.</pedant>

Wow, if only the loud truck police responded as reliably as the spelling police :slight_smile:

Actually, dictionary.com lists miniscule as a variant of minuscule. Pedant, indeed.

MC$E, I’ll see you your nieghbor’s reeking pickup and raise you my neighbor’s behemoth wood chipper. For hours on end. Right now. As we speak. Its modulated wail shares the frequency of my 2 day old migraine headache. I am most seriously displeased.

I can’t see letting a diesel truck idle for a half hour disturbing the quiet of a neighborhood when it takes no more than 10 to 30 seconds to prime the engine in weather above freezing.

Unless of course you really want everyone to know how you are very cool cause you have a great big diesel truck.

May I claim temporary pissiness and receive forgiveness? :smiley:

Is it legal to leave a vehicle unattended with the motor running in your area?

Wouldn’t a miniscule penis be a pendant?

Welcome to Winter Garden, Florida. Your Nextel will be arriving in the mail in the next few days.