Turn time lapse still pics into a movie

Can anyone steer me to software to turn a folder full of still pics into a single movie file. U want to take pics on a timer second by second, and then show them as a time lapse film. Pics are in jpeg format,

I use Final Cut Pro, but there are some open-source programs that do this.
What platform are you on?

Windows. Can you name me one of the open source ones too?

Picasa’s movie tool has a “time lapse” transition option (Google discontinued Picasa, but it’s still available on a few download sites). You can vary the image display rate in the clip from 1/6th to 1/30th of a second.

You should already have Movie Maker on your machine. I’ve used it a number of times if you have ?s

My usual no-money choice is VirtualDub. Retro-looking, but frame-accurate and pretty good with BMP or JPEG file sequences.

There are many variations of VirtualDub, but the ones I use don’t have the proper components to make modern video (MPEG, MP4, etc.). Typically I use VirtualDub to generate a raw, uncompressed, gigantic AVI file, then process it with another tool to convert it to a modern, compressed format.

I use Quicktime 7 Pro. It will do exactly what you describe. However, I use it on my iMac. Apparently Apple doesn’t support QT on Windows any more. It’s a shame as that feature is very handy to make time lapse videos.