turns of phrase you find unintentionally hillarious

I see little things like this a lot. The one that inspired this thread is in c#. There’s an add class option. I just wanna click it until my program goes from wearing torn jeans with a hole in the ass and pajama bottoms to sipping tea with it’s pinky out while it adjusts it’s top hat and monocle.
Sadly it isn’t that kind of class, well bittersweet anyway, I do need to implement some classes.

On the same note, I’m also very amused every time I create a protected class in C#. Yes, I’d like to declare this a protected class, thank you very much!

I find the use of “lick” to mean “defeat soundly” highly entertaining, particularly when it is applied to any of the University of South Carolina’s sports teams.

Ballcock. Dude, your ballcock belongs in the toilet.

Slightly off-topic, but I’ve always wanted to include this in code:

Dim lUser as long

You know, for all of the lUsers I work with.

Dim BuckleMyShoe as integer
For x = 1 to BuckleMyShoe

At my previous job a co-worker pronounced C# “C pound”, as in “i’m going to C#MITAP”.

Better than “C tic-tac-toe.”

I think that or c pound would be more descriptive names.

I always disliked it when I heard that there was “ethnic cleansing” going on in Iraq. What? Somebody’s scrubbing Shi’ites and Sunnis with Lysol? When members of a group are being killed, that’s called genocide, thank you very much.

(Also, the term “ethnic cleansing” would seem to imply that the speaker accepts the notion that there are ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ ethnicities, which is an idea that’s been out of fashion since about 1945.)

“A post-occurrence investigation revealed…” was a phrase I came across a lot in my summer job. I always thought it would have been easier to investigate before the occurrence happened…

Well, those “open joints on bridge” signs always used to get a laugh out of us back in college…


“Keep away from children.”

Well, sure - those little bastard bite, and emit all sorts of unpleasantness.

Erm, I did a bit of work in genocide studies in high school and parts of college (up to 2005) and ethnic cleansing isn’t an out of date phrasing, unless there’s been a change in the past 5 years. I suppose it may sound silly to outsiders but it’s by no means intended as an “easy on the mind” phrase, like bathroom instead of toilet, or to imply there are dirty and clean ethnicities.

My grandfather always teased us about the “Slow Children at Play” sign in front of our house.

Either I’m misreading your meaning, or you have misread ITR champion’s meaning. My understanding was that ITR was saying that the concept that there are “dirty” and “clean” ethnicities has been out of favor since ca. 1945.

In other words, since the Axis powers lost WWII.

The cell-phone-related terms ‘butt call’ and ‘butt text’ always crack me up - and it doesn’t help that ‘butt call’ is so close to ‘booty call’ either.

Valuable networking and phone system tools are the toner-probe and the butt-set.

also Taco Bell uses something called “bunn water” when really hot water is called for.

I think, though, that these differ from the other examples in this thread in that they’re supposed to be humorous.

BTW, I saw what you did there.

Those at least are literally referring to buttocks. Real humor arrives when you hear of things like a butt splice or a butt weld.

Hillarious is too strong a word, but when I see a sign that says: Watch Children, I always wonder if they are more effective than watch dogs.