TV and computer in same or separate rooms

I’m moving very soon, and am debating whether to have my TV and computer in the same room or not. (currently in same room) TV will be in bedroom.

The major pro I see: I’ll actually be able to pay attention to TV, not be distracted by surfing

The major con I see: No “white noise” while I surf.

poll to come.

I say have them both in the bedroom, but the catch is that nobody should listen to me because I spend way too much time in my bedroom for a grownup.

My TV and computer are hooked up together in the living room. The bedroom is for sleeping and other things that happen in beds.

Our computers and TV are all in the living room. The bedroom is a bit small for any of that, and DH wants to have access to both at the same time. :slight_smile:

My computer IS my TV and vice versa. The line between which device is which gets blurrier every day. That said, keep the computer in the other room. It’s capable of generating white noise if you miss it that much.

tv and computer both in the living room. don’t want distractions in the room you need to sleep in.

If you have two (or more) people in your house, put them in different rooms so that they can both be used at the same time without interference. Otherwise it probably doesn’t make much difference.

I say keep 'em both out of the bedroom, but if not both at least the computer.

Keep them separate, otherwise you’ll never leave your bedroom. If you need white noise during surfing time, install Spotify.

I vote bedroom for the same reason. Mulitasking is overrated.

Having said that, my TV, computer, and bed are all in the same room. In my last apartment they were all in different rooms. Different living arrangements make for different… well, living arrangements.