TV commercials you're sick of: NCAA Tournament edition

One of the bad things about watching twelve straight hours of basketball for four days straight is that you start to get sick of seeing the same couple dozen commercials, over and over and over again. So which ones are you sick of and why?

The one that really irritates me is the Buick commercial where the GPS can’t seem to keep up with how fast the guy is driving. To begin with, he’s really not driving all that fast (he’s in city traffic, after all). But also, it appears to be the car’s in-dash system that is lagging so far behind, which to me isn’t really much of a selling point. “Hey, our in-dash GPS is useless! You’ll be there before it ever figures out where you are!”

And not really irritating, but every time I hear the voice-over at the end of the AT&T Family Plan ad, I keep thinking it’s the Geico pig.

The Mighty Ospreys Buffalo Wild Wings ad. “Soar soar soar soar soar!”



Whatever that commercial is where some obnoxious little animal is watching the game in its work cubicle while a co-worker attempts to chat with it and then the boss comes along. I rush for the mute button every time it airs, and I’m still not sure I remember what the ad is peddling. But that animal’s voice is really annoying. Also, if I’m the boss, I’m not as concerned about an employee watching a game on a phone as I am that I have some unidentifiable freaking furry animal employed in the office.

Fritos on my sub!

The pizza ad with the mariachi band (Little Caesar’s?)

Nissan 1! 2! 3!

ETA: Go Cyclones!

Well, it’s nice to see that they switched up the crop of ads from the Olympics. Except I see Subway is still going strong…

California has a series of anti-smoking ads, where nice looking young people are buying cigarettes. They put their money down, and the clerk says “that’s not enough”. In one case a pretty girl tears a strip off her face. In another one, a young man takes a pair of plyers and pulls out a tooth (I guess that’s what he does, I always change the channel because that is just too unpleasant).

The idea they are trying to covnvey is that smoking costs more than just money. And that’s true, it does.

But I don’t smoke and I don’t want to have to look at those vile images. I wish they’d stop.

Except it’s a countdown. 5 … 4 … and so on. Which is never explained, makes absolutely no sense, and the CGI putting the dude “right next” to the Nissans zipping and swooping about is truly terrible. The ad agency that came up with this lame notion must have pitched it as a joke (or out of desperation because they couldn’t think of anything worthwhile), then ended up stunned when Nissan actually bought it.

And I’ll double it - Go Cyclones!

:smack: Of course.

I bet it’s from the same agency that did the other terrible Nissan ad – the one where the woman drives up a ramp and onto a commuter train.

I don’t find the latest batch of BWW ads with the “coach” guy nearly as annoying as the ones they had last year where the guy behind the bar had some magical button that would make the basketball game go into overtime, or cause the sprinklers to start up on the football field, or some stupid crap like that.