TV Crossovers that will never happen

My two favorite shows are Buffy and the West Wing nowI was wondering what would happen if those two universes collided.
President Bartlett is giving a reelection speech in Sunnydale and his flight is delayed by The Master who, it turns out is controlling the Republican canidate. The hotel that the president is staying at is assualted by Vampires and hijinks ensue.

Key scenes include:

:Sam being turned into a vampire and having to be killed, thus getting him off the series.

:Whenver the President says something Xander making an comments about “Bartlett’s familiar quotations.”

:CJ and Giles having sex on the hood of Airforce one. Twice.

:The President debating the Master while Buffy sneaks around back to slay him.

:Toby being turned into a Vampire and no one noticing

Anyone like this idea or have there own?

I’d like to see Becker treat some of the old Cheers gang, using their Cheers names and attitudes, but not recognizing Sam.
I know Frasier did it to good effect.

I’d like to see Becker treat some of the old Cheers gang, using their Cheers names and attitudes, but not recognizing Sam.
I know Frasier did it to good effect.

Wow! I’m not the only crazy one who’d love to see Buffy and the West Wing collide!

An X Files/Law&Order crossover.

It could’ve happened though. The following shows are all part of the same “universe”:

Law & Order
Homicide: Life on the Street
Chicago Hope
Picket Fences
The X Files
The Lone Gunmen

Some of these shows have “crossed over” already.

Before you list a crossover that could “Never Happen,” remember to check here to see if it’s actually happened. You’d be surprised.

But for me, any trans-genre crossover who’s description ends with “attacked by mercenaries” would be a favorite in my book.
(MASH, Friends, and “The X-Files”…the mind boggles)

Officials in Nevada send Las Vegas’ Crime Scene Investigation unit to a crash site outside town. They quickly determine that the craft wasn’t an airplane, and the occupant wasn’t human - conclusions backed up by the arrival of a transport pod bearing escaped prisoners. The stiff in the wreckage was a Peacekeeper on their trail.

Scenes from upcoming episodes:

Nick is immediately attracted to Aeryn (“Have you seen her guns?”), but she’s more interested in Warrick.

Dave the Coroner is enthralled by scans of Crichton’s brain, specifically all the holes in it.

D’Argo hits on Sara and Catherine but is blown off, gets stinking drunk at the Rio, and turns up three days later at Lady Heather’s Dominion, where he runs into Chiana (“I’ve found my calling.”)

Scorpius puts a chip in Greg’s head. No one notices the difference.

Grissom is revealed to have had translator microbes all along, and the Felonious Monk confirms that Gil is the reincarnation of Pa’u Zotah Zaahn.

PBS’ “Nature” meets HBO’s “The Sopranos”

Voice-over Narrator explains group dynamics as they occur on screen. ("To prove himself to the group, the young male must … ")

“Fraiser” and the “Simpsons” with Sideshow Bob & Cecil. I want that so bad!

A Simpsons/Futurama crossover:

In the 31st century, The Simpsons is still on the air, only the characters actually exist as AIs in a computer-generated world. The evil Mr. Burns somehow learns of this and in a “Tron” take-off, the Planet Express gang get themselves digitized to enter the VR “Springfield” and stop him.

What about a Nanny/That 70’s Show crossover? Image The Nanny and Kitty Foreman laughing at the same time!

Jim Prufrock (Push, Nevada) meets Dale Cooper (Twin Peaks)

“The dwarf told me you were in trouble…”

A crossover I’d love to see is Anna Nicole and SURVIVOR. The first episode is when Anna, her lawyer, and her assistant are abandoned on a cobra infested leper colony island without phones far off the coast of India. There is no second episode and the first one need never be aired.

I always wanted to see a GREEN ACRES/NORTHERN EXPOSURE crossover, especially if Mr. Haney could negotiate a new contract for Joel, but the demise of the great Pat Buttram removed that as a possibility. If you could use AI/digital animation though it might be interesting:

The CSI Team chases Professor Arturo and winds up in the SLIDERS wormhole, sending them back to 1969 where they must join forces with boy genius Jethro de Bodine and Joe Friday to solve the Manson Murders. Friday gives a long speech on how the slaughter on Cielo Dr. “all started when some parent decided it was okay for their kid to grow his hair long”, Granny wings Tex Watson with a double-barrel shotgun, Chris Meloni for no apparent reason gets nekkid with Elly Mae and begins channeling a bisexual prisoner from Oswald State Correctional Facility, and the entire episode ends with John Rhys Davies and Miss Hathaway doe-see-doeing to the pickings of Flatt and Scruggs. The next week the same gang gets together to pin the masterminds of the Watts Riots, shadowy figure known only as Fred “the G is for Gonna End 400 Years of Opression” Sanford.