TV/movie characters who would not get along

On Channel 4.2 in the Los Angeles area, there have been promos recently for episodes of *The Rockford Files * and Columbo. Now that’s some juxtaposition! The voice-over says, “Columbo follows Rockford.” Now how about that? Those two would probably drive each other crazy–like Cannon and McCloud, or Archie Bunker and Frank Barone *(Everybody Loves Raymond), * or Andy Griffith and Sheriff Lobo. Care to give other examples? :smiley:

Olivia Benson (L &O SVU) and Ralphie Cifaretto (Joey Pants on the Sopranos).

Homer Simpson and Ziva from NCIS.

I don’t think Don Draper would make Maude weak in the knees

Opposites attract!! :stuck_out_tongue:

David St Hubbins from Spinal Tap would absolutely drive Chuck McGill from Better Call Saul nuts, he wouldn’t be able to stand St Hubbins’s stupidity and vulgarity. Bonus points because they’re both played by the same actor.

Lou Grant and Dirk Diggler.

I always thought it would be hilarious if the NYPD ever had two of its consultants, Richard Castle and Sherlock Holmes, working on the same case.

Eric from True Blood and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Lou famously hated people who had spunk.

monk and Colombo… although there the same character just monks ocd is exaggerated

You made me snort my milk, Little Nemo.

But on-topic: I’d like to see Spock take down Sean Hannity. (Hannity is a fictional character, right? He’s sort of the “anti-logic” principle, personified.)

Could you see Sergeant Joe Friday dealing with Detective Elliot Stabler? :eek:
How about Hawkeye Pierce vs. Joe Early (Emergency)?

Sheldon Cooper and everybody.

Monk and Munch if you want to see Monk melt down.

An aside: for all their effectiveness I think Munch and Tutuola are the perfect comedy team. :smiley:

Gil Grissom and Walter White
Gil Grissom and Vic Mackey
Walter White and Vic Mackey

Vinnie Barbarino and Vincent Vega

Frank Burns and Gregory House. I’m not sure whose head would explode first.

Castiel and Angel could have a brood-off and a pout-off and a squint-off and a tortured-soul-off, until the broodiness and poutiness and squintiness and torturedsouliness reached explosive levels.

Then they’d make out.

Les Nessman and Ron Burgandy.