TV/Movie cliches... has this EVER actually happened?

This is NOT just another thread to mention all the TV/Movie cliches that exist. There are plenty of these.

This is a thread for bringing up particular cliches that COULD in fact have happened in real life at some point, and discussing whether they ever have. So, yes, I’ve noticed that when people buy groceries there’s often a baguette sticking out of the bag, and I’ve noticed that people in TV shows always get a great parking space, but those two things do inarguably happen at least every once in a while.
So, the thing I’ve been wondering about is whether anyone has ever deceived a security system by “looping the tape” in one of the cameras, so that the people viewing the monitors see the same thing over and over again, not the criminals. Anyone with any knowledge of law enforcement or security know of any examples, or any reasons why this would in fact be infeasible? (It seems a bit improbable to me, but mainly just because I get the impression that real life crime is almost never anywhere near as complicated as fictional heists… also, fictional heists often have targets with incredibly complicated and intricate security… except that the server room or wherever the computers are that control this security is OUTSIDE the secure area, which seems like a pretty blatant flaw…)
Somewhat vaguer, does anyone know of two people (presumably a man and a woman) who met, hated each other, were forced to spend tons of time working together on something and insulted and one-upped each other the whole time, and then fell in love?
Does anyone know of a situation in real life where a man and a woman “met-cute” in a fashion anywhere near as contrived as often happens in romcoms?

I do have a friend who describes her courtship like this. She and her husband were both techies working on a project, but they had never met. They argued in email and over the phone vehemently, until on of their managers decided to send one to see the other, figuring they’d be less combative in person. I don’t know how long it took, but they were living together within a year, I think.

Every security camera system I’ve installed had a default feature enabled that would sound an alarm the moment video from any camera cut out. So as soon as they cut in the bogus video, the alarm sounds and the people watching start looking more closely at things, or send someone out to look.