TV News segment interviews clergy asking if hurricanes are a sign of the apocalypse

SUre! Then we can all stare at test patterns 24/7 :smiley:

They had a follow-up to this story last night. Turns out the ghost was actually old man Withers, whose private security company stood to make a tidy profit if he could just scare away all the soldiers stationed in New Orleans. “I would have got away with it if it weren’t for those meddling kids,” said Withers from the ICU. The meddling kids in question turned out to be a pair of agnostic National Guardsmen who, upon being confronted by a glowing, moaning Withers, shot him in the stomach.

Witnesses also mention a tall lanky disheveled youth, a short plump female and a large Great Dane dog.

TV News segments that interview clergy asking if hurricanes are a sign of the apocalypse are a sign of the apocalypse.

Is there an online copy of this? I want to read it. I know we should not cheer or hope for bad things to happen to people, but something about your account of this leaves me with a total lack of sympathy for this Withers guy. It’s a kind of instant karma. I don’t hope Withers is going to die from his wounds, but I do hope he gets charged with whatever they can think of after he recovers, and gets to spend some time in jail.



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Asked by whom? The host of the show, or a caller? Because I can deal with stupid people listening to NPR, and even calling in once in a while, as long as they don’t work there.

Between the dumbing down of TV new for the idjits for whom it’s their major source for news and information after “rumors” and the increasing use of pretty faces rather than capable journalists as TV newsmen, I’m afraid we’ve reached a moronic convergence.

What’s the big deal with part of a news program dealing with matters from a religious perspective. It addresses the issues of one part of the community. What harm does it do?

You do realize that we can indeed get independent confirmation of that, right? :smiley:

Ah, missed this on first reply. “What harm does it do?” is an excellent question. This is one of those areas where I know very well that it makes me uncomfortable and it really seems like a bad idea to me, but I’m not exactly sure why. My take is that substituting dogma for creative, original thought and investigative procedures is a bad precedent to set for news programs, regardless of the religious beliefs of a subset of people watching.

Anyone else got a take on why this is a bad thing?

It doesn’t do any harm, per se, but it shows either amazing creativity on the part of the news program or a desire to keep it going past its expiration date.


for the NOLA Ghost & Open Bible story.

Asking the public about the latest Hurricanes & Apocalyptic signs is worthy of criticism, but a significant U.S. subculture do think that way. The intelligensia here may know better & if I were a news-show manager, I would have handled the story differently (with meteorologists pointing out prior large hurricane events & conservative* Bible scholars sanely discussing the intent of Apocalyptic literature is to give Hope in perilous times & not more peril), but it is a human-interest story.

RE Ghosts & Open Bibles-

Folks, this is New Orleans we’re talking about. Hell, it’s had a spooky rep for a coupla centuries & if I were a soldier going into that region, where there was lots of death & suffering, I’d probably be susceptible to heebie-jeebies also. The Open Bible aspect was kinda irritating because the passage (Revelation 10-11) does NOT indicate what one Guardsman said (a three-day storm resulting in a city falling & bodies in the streets is a major misreading of the Two Martyrs laying dead in the city street 3 1/2 days after which they rise from the dead & the Seventh Trumpet Judgement destroys a segment of the city).

Oh yeah, and I may just be doing the same as that one Guardsman with the Holy Water & the Cross.

Not quite as bad, but last night, after a meteorologist mentioned the tornados that accompanied Rita, Larry King asked him, deadpan:

“Are these tornados natural occurances?”


“No, Larry-- We believe that aliens are attacking the earth with weather-control rays – or maybe it was voodoo.”

Seriously, why the hell is this senescent wreck still on the air?