TV News segment interviews clergy asking if hurricanes are a sign of the apocalypse

The second story on the nightly newscast of WAKA, the CBS affiliate in Montgomery Alabama, was whether local clergy thought Katrina and Rita were signs of the end times. I wish there were some action I could take but all I can do is complain on this message board and leave a message with the station’s news director expressing my disgust.

I did leave the following message:

“You cannot imagine my dismay when the second news segment on the WAKA 6 o’clock News Report on Thursday, September 22 was whether local clergy thought the recent sequence of natural disasters ----the tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita ---- were signs of the apocalypse. I’ve long since quit watching your competitor since they choose to report faith rather than unbiased news. Welcome to the Dark Ages.”

If this isn’t a “Beam me up, Scotty” moment, I don’t know what is.

How did the clergy answer?

They probably jiggled their beads and danced.

Otto, I didn’t wait to see the response. I was so disgusted that I shut the TV off. I’m not one to curse but I found myself cursing at the inanimate TV, “WHO THE FUCK CARES WHAT THE CLERGY THINK ABOUT THE APOCALYPSE??? THIS IS NEWS???” Another reason I didn’t wait for the response was I was afraid of what the clergy would say. It’s very disheartening here in Montgomery.

Clergy: “Dark Ages? Woo hoo! The church had all the political power in the Dark Ages, not this sissy-pissy sideline-bitching sorta-power we have now! Just wait! And this time we’re going to do it right!

Or something like that.

WAKA? As in “Waka waka”? Is Fozzie Bear the general manager?

That’s hot.

I thought the new season of Joey was a sign of the apocalypse. My mistake I guess.

Oh, rapture.

No, no…that’s only after the man from Mars starts eating the cars and bars and guitars. Although good luck finding Fab 5 Freddy at that point. He’s still trying to find out where his career went.

Ah, great, now I’m hungry for a Mars bar. Bastard.

Jim and I were discussing this just yesterday - y’all got some serious religious problems down there. No, not THAT down there - in your country. I’m just afraid that we’re following along behind - we had a puff piece on local news a couple months ago about an angel saving somebody or some crap like that. That was highly unusual, and I was not at all impressed by glurge on a news program.

Let’s see, natural weather phenomena which might possibly be accentuated by global climate change caused by human arrogance and rampant consumption as signs of the apocalypse; well, why not? If you’re going to stop using your critical facilities, why not go whole hog? Anybody else read Heinlein’s “Job”? Anybody else getting scared?

I don’t call ‘em “TV idjits” for nothin’.

Probably a large segment of the station’s audience.

Probably not.

In 1980s America, Mars Bar eats you!

It means that serious journalism has gone to hell in a handbasket.

Does that count?

And people wonder how stereotypes about the South seem to never die.

This “news story” is one reason.

Dontcha just want to go to all those houses that have scripture carved above their garage doors and holler–“see! Writing that scripture there didn’t save your house…”

I would do the whole eyeroll thing, but feel the situation is too serious for such. People like to kid about all this religion mixing with politics, but I tell you, it scares the stuffing out of me.

Rigby-practically ex-Christian and almost heathen b/c of all the crap done in His name nowadays…

It’s September sweeps. That’s a perfect story for during sweeps. Ignore it; they go away for October and come back for November.

Yesterday on NPR, the a person was interviewing a hurricane expert. The expert was asked whether hurricanes can pick a path by amking some sort of concience decision were to go.

So inane questions are not limited to local TV or the South

FWIW- the expert said no, hurricanes were not senient.

Our local CBS affiliate was running a story Monday about soldiers being frightned by ghost in New Orleans and finding Bibles turned to Relavations. This is during the 5pm newscast. This crap aint limited to the south.

True–and sad to say, no?

Mebbe there should be an intelligence test for journalists/anchors.