"You might say I'm crazy, but yo- it is the end of the world."

On my way to pick up my adorable kitty from the ER vet (Note to precious dog: “Squeeze the kitty” is an expensive and not fun game that we won’t be playing again, comprende?) this morning, I had the misfortune of actually listening to the radio. Usually I pop in a CD, but this morning I was too tired to even remember to grab one.

“Talk radio,” you are probably thinking, “Talk radio people are crazy and would say such random stupidity.” You’d be wrong.

The local rap DJs decided it was time to get deep and discuss the, apparently, impending Apocalypse. Really, Apocalyptic predictions are a total pick-me-up at seven in the morning, so why the fuck not?

So after a song, DJ of Dumbassery and (apparent) Doom gives us this gem:

Me: :confused: :dubious:

Look buddy, you are entitled to your opinion and all those other dumb qualifiers that I have to throw out there; but seriously: what the fuck?

By “All the tsunamis” do you mean the one tsunami? The tsunami that was big and scary, but logically explained by that crazy thing you probably completely ignored in school-science? Or the hurricanes that are also a perfectly normal occurrence and that were predicted by people that study hurricanes before they even happened? Oh oh or September 11th which was a fucking political event? Yeah, you’re a goddamn idiot.

You can spew your stupidity, that’s fine; but then you have to throw out there for people to go buy guns and get ready. You may not realize this, but you are the only source of “news” that a lot of morons around here have. They listen to you; they believe you. And here you go telling them to take up arms and get ready for the goddamn Apocalypse.

At this point I figure: Ok, he’s an idiot, but no one could possibly take him seriously. Yeah, I was wrong.

This went on for 20 min and finally someone with a little sense (just a smidge) called in.

And mother fucker, let’s say it IS the apocalypse: why the fuck do you need a gun? If it is God’s will that your dumb ass gets blown of the planet, don’t you think that you would be best served by just goin’ with the flow? So howsabout you stop telling people to take up arms and scaring the crap out of them. Keep your little Apocalyptic predictions to yourself, k? I know I’d appreciate it, dumbass. :rolleyes:

But…but…God wants me to have guns! Moses told me so. Well, Charlton Heston, but it’s the same thing! Gotta have my 9!

I should note: having guns is all good by me- go 2nd Amendment and all that good stuff! But telling people to arm themselves against the Apocalypse… not so productive and possibly even dangerous.

But Silenus–hehe.

Crap like this is one of the miriad reasons I weep for the future of the U.S. It is really hard to find mass stupidity like that in many other parts of the world.

Ugh. I hate that “end of the world” shit. If it is, who the fuck cares? We can’t do squat about it anyway. Not that I would want to see the entire planet blown to smithereens but I don’t lie awake at night worrying myself into a fit of the shits about it.

War, tsunamis, earthquakes, etc. These are the supposed signs of the end times? I hate to break it to DJ Dipshit but these things are merely a sign of ENTROPY. Planet Earth is a chaotic place, and has been such for 4 billion years.
(or 2000 years if you’re a creationist)

Oh yeah, how’s your kittycat?

Actually, it’s pretty easy to find examples of religious delusion and frenzy just about anywhere you look.

Hey, the Red Sox and the White Sox won the World Series in successive years. It’s enough to make me think the End Times must be at hand. If the Cubs win next year, I’m definitely gonna get religion pronto.

This is extremely offensive to me.

I spent my youth in a stste of heightened anxiety because of my fundamentalist parents. They left tracts about the end of the world, suppodsedly set for 1984, and assured me that I would be going to hell for any slight infraction of the rules (which changed by the minute.)

Everything else aside, those who clamor for the end of the world are usually tryoing to escape it themselves. Go, and leave the rest of us alone.

On that note, I’m surprised at the number of celebrities who have taken it upon themselves to declare that global warming causes earthquakes and tsunamis.

Well, yeah, I see your points there. Plus, what that numbskull on the radio is talking about is The End Times, not the end of the world. Sure, if he’s right, humankind gets wiped off the planet, but there’s no need to worry about planet earth itself.

Oh, sure, it might take some minor damage, but nothing that won’t be cleared up in a thousand or two years. Honest! The world has taken giant asteroid strikes, ice ages, etc., many times and hey, it is still here.

It was here before us and it will be here after we are gone. It’s a pretty durable rock, and these doomsayers seriously need to quit worrying about it.
As for humankind itself, we at the New World Order have some contingency plans, and the sooner the rest of you join up, the better off you’re gonna be. Just a word to the wise. :wink:

You haven’t looked very hard, have you?

That’s a whole new pit thread entirely. Unless these celebrities have PhD. behind their names they need to shut their cakehole. Maybe global warming is responsible for the tsunami. Maybe global warming is truly happening, maybe it’s truly dangerous, maybe we humans have a huge impact on global warming. Maybe it would happen regardless of whether or not I drive on an Ozone Action Day. Maybe we should let the scientists, who devote their lives to studying this, sort out all the data and draw conclusions. I could give a fuck what Leo DiCaprio and Madonna think.
Grrrrrrrr. Stupid celebrities :mad:

Huh. Whattayano. I feel fine.

Toby is good, just a little grumpy. He has a punctured lung (just a bit and it is healing itself) and some air trapped under his skin-- he sounds like bubble wrap :D. All is well in the land of kitty.

I’m glad to see that everyone else agrees that he is a total idiot, I was worried that I was the only sane one left :wink:

One thing he said to the one sane caller, “Oh yeah? Well what if a comet comes and slams into your house tomorrow?” Yup, a comet. But, semi sane guy replies, “Then I’ll be dead and it’ll be the end of my world, so what?” DJ: “No man, you and a 100 million of your neighbors are going to DIE from a comet!”

Now, I only say this because I care about my fellow Dopers: watch out for the falling comets, ya’ll. Better yet, let’s all go get some M16s and show those comets who is boss! Don’t fuck with 'merica! Go comet France or something!!! :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey! Who told you it was OK to let anything that cute loose in the pit? We’re supposed to be sustaining a righteous anger here.

That kitty is TOO DAMN CUTE!!!

Sorry! SORRY!

Um… ::thinks up Dope hot buttons::… FUCK THE FIRST AMENDMENT!!!

:: runs off ::

Absolutely true story:

Yesterday I had to help a customer in a tedious call to change the network name (automatically assigned) to a different one, just because she got “xxxx666” assigned to her.

It did not help my skeptical mind that the customer before had “thebeastxxxx@xxxx.net”* as his email.

Do you think they are jockeying for position? :slight_smile:

[sub]*xxxx replacing the real name[/sub]

Yo, we be safe here in the Midwest from all dat.

But the bird flu is going to kill us all!!!