TV Remote Skipping Channels Why/Can you help

I have a 18 inch SONY Trinitron TV manufactured circa 1994. When I use the Channel Plus/ Minus function on a “Universal Remote Control” it skips certain channels. e.g. it goes from 27 to 29 to 31 to 37 etc. I CAN PUNCH IN Channel 28, 30 & 32 to 36 and it goes to those stations fine.

It just skips channels as I try to cycle thru using +/- . I have used 4 different kinds of remotes & all do the same thing …it skips the same channels each time …

If you can’t help have you experienced this?

Most TVs now have the ability to program a channel as being “in” or “out” when you surf up & down-- they call it different things with different brands. On Zeniths it’s called Selected or Not Selected. If Not Selected the clicker won’t stop there, altho you can, as you mentioned “dial it in” so to speak. If you have menu on screen you can figure out how to Select pretty easy; if not, there may be a button on the control panel to Select or Not select (one of my two Zeniths has a button which is a tiny pain in the neck since the TV is mounted on the wall high up…need a ladder to change the Selection when a station changes from English language to Spanish as sometimes happens here). If you still have the instruction book it would be nice but if not some owners’ manuals are on the internet (wonderful place the internet.)

You probably need to reprogram the pre-set channels on your TV. Most TVs have a function to scan all of the channels and select only those that seem to have a signal. That way, when you use the up and down function of your remote (whichever remote), you don’t have to be constantly skipping channels with static. If you moved recently, or your cable system added channels where there was none before, you will have to re-do this programming process (its different on each TV so don’t ask me how- read your TV’s manual).

Yup. It’s most likely a situation where this channel wasn’t available when your TV was originally programmed.

For example, channel #33 (New England Sports Network) used to be a pay station here, but now it’s part of the regular package. So when I went to surf to it, I had to reprogram the TV so it could recognize 33 as a channel that I got. After that, it was fine.

Since you have a Sony, you might find this helpful. I don’t know about you, but the odds of me having (or at least finding) a manual for an item more than six months old is slim.