TV Series 24: Paving the Way for a African American President?

I did a search, and didn’t see this brought up on the SD, but, am wondering.

Did the character of David Palmer: actor: Dennis Haysbert on the TV series “24”, help pave the way for acceptance of a Black President of the US? As an actor, he was excellent in that role, firm and astute, handling hard questions with aplomb, and deep voice control. Tremendous role model, and acting.

Do you think that this TV show had an effect on acceptance to an African American President?

Um, no.

Even ignoring the fact that he is far from the first black president on the screen, his presence is much more reflective of society’s existing attitudes than it is influential in changing them.

(Also, what the hell? You think reluctance to elect a black president may have been founded in newly-allayed fears that African-Americans lack proper voice control or acting skills?)

I’m going to vote no as well.

For what it’s worth, NPR addressed the same question.

And here are some lists:

Do you think a black president could get the vote in allstates?

Absolutely not.

Aw, man.
But to the OP.
Nah, I think most folks who watch 24 are gonna vote for McCain. :slight_smile:

Well, he’d certainly put America in good hands.