TV Series Suggestions for My Girlfriend to Binge Watch

Looking for some recommendations for my girlfriend to binge thru.

She has Netflix and Hulu. She is currently finishing Smallville. Also is watching This is Us on occasion.

Shows she has watched:

Gilmore Girls and the new series
Psych (loved it)
Royal Pains
Chuck (loved it)

We’ve watched all the Marvel shows together - Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones.

She prefers for the series to have an end already. She hasn’t continued on with Supernatural past season 10, because she knew it was still going on and was beginning to get tired of it.

She has no interest in Supergirl or *Flash *or Arrow, so those are out.

Any good suggestions?

Since she loved Chuck, there’s Leverage.

If you can find Pushing Daisies streaming somewhere, that show was amazing. I know, having mentioned that, someone will show up to suggest Dead Like Me, but I never got in to that one.

Santa Clarita Diet (Netflix Original) was really good. If you/she likes it, and are the type to binge a show, you can probably blast through it in a weekend.

I think Six Feet Under is streaming somewhere, I’m not sure if it’s on Netflix or HBO Go, but it’s floating around out there. If you can get at it and you haven’t seen it yet, it’s definitely worth watching, it’s one of my favorite shows ever.

Workaholics just ended, I have no idea what the streaming options for it are, but it’s a great show and IMO is worth looking into. It’s Always Sunny is still on, but like Workaholics, the story arcs are so minimal, even if you just record 10 episodes, it’s not that big of a deal if you watch a bunch of random episodes.

As for Psych, well that’s one of those shows you can watch again if you want.

I’ve seen a few episodes of Always Sunny - I don’t think its her cup of tea.

I’ll let her know about Leverage. She’s also thinking about starting The Librarians.

And don’t write off the classics like Friends or Will and Grace or The Golden Girls. I can, without even realizing it, watch 7 or 8 episodes of Friends in a row without getting up from my chair. I always have 10 or so of those kinds of shows on my Tivo for a slow TV night.

Not everyone will like It’s Always Sunny.
I see you mentioned Gilmore Girls. What about Felicity. I never watched Gilmore Girls but I recall both shows running kinda side by side and I did like Felicity.

Ally McBeal was good as well. Really quirky along the lines of Psych.

Cautionary note: Ally McBean is leaving Netflix at the end of March. Check it out soon.

If she liked Royal Pains, she might like Burn Notice.

I’ve mentioned Ally McBeal to her before, but she always seems to find something else before going for Ally.

She went thru Friends already. Not sure if Felicity is on Hulu or Netflix, we’ll have to look. She’s thought about Golden Girls, but she had seen alot of it before she moved to America from Malaysia.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I’m not even sure, now that I think about it, if it’s worth watching it that way. I recall they (like Wonder Years) had a lot of problems with the music. I’m not sure if it got cleared up or if they stripped it out or what. OTOH, if you’ve never seen it, it might not make a difference.

the new adventures of old christine


If she likes Leverage, she might like Hustle (although I don’t know if it’s available through Netflix).

I’m not sure about availability, but a few series come to mind given her list:

The Closer
Rizzoli and Isles

Is Lois & Clark available anywhere?

She has no interest in Lois and Clark, even though she loves Smallville. If we can find Monk streaming anywhere, I think she’d like it.

We have some similarity in our tastes and I’m not sure what is available, so I’ll just suggest series that I loved that I put into the same sort of category for one reason or another.

Veronica Mars. One of my favorite shows ever.

Ugly Betty.

Buffy and Angel.

The West Wing.

I’ll look to see if Ugly Betty and Veronica Mars are streaming. As for Buffy and Angel, I watched the entire series on Netflix last year and she watched some with me, but it didn’t turn her on enough to want to binge it herself. She liked them, but I guess just not enough.

Two more that come to mind are Scrubs and How I Met Your Mother, both were amazing and I personally think they were oddly similar.

I’ve never watched Buffy, but since you mentioned it, you could look into Ringer (I only say that because they both have SMG as the lead). It had a very short run, but I thought it was really good. Also while we’re talking about short run series (and Buffy), there’s always Firefly.

Not sure if it’s still on Netflix but I loved Don’t Trust The B** In Apt. 23**

Has she seen Justified? It was a quirky, well-written (Elmore Leonard had a hand in it) series about a deputy marshal in Kentucky, that ran for six seasons, ending a year or two ago. Some seasons were better than others, but overall I’d give it at least 7 or 8 out of 10.

Person of Interest (not many seasons so you don’t get bored yet… not sure if it is ongoing, though).

If she likes Leverage “Eliot” is also on The Librarians.

If Warehouse 13 is still on either… fun to watch!

I’m watching Medium on Amazon because my youngest son complained about how much bandwidth it was taking on Hulu … now he’s complaining it still takes up too much bandwidth (I told him I’m paying for All The Bandwidth … so deal.)

Firefly is on Hulu. I watched it for the eyecandy (Jayne and Captain Tightpants) and fell in love with who and what each crew member did and was and each episode was an episode until near the end. Then I looked for the wrap up movie (Serenity).

The suggestion above for Warehouse 13 reminded me of another show. Eureka A show about a town full of geniuses gathered together by the government to invent stuff.

I checked and only Season 5 is available on Netflix. I don’t have Hulu so I don’t know if it’s available there.