TV & Setting the Clocks Back

Hi all…after pondering for years I’ve decided to go to the best place for the right answer!
What is shown (or happens) on TV during that “extra” hour when 2:00 am becomes 1:00 am for daylight savings time? I’m never up at that time and frankly it doesn’t drive me enough to stay up that late.
There’s gotta be some nightowls out there who know!

They show what was on during the previous hour, only backwards.

Another infomercial. (What else is on at 2 AM?)

Actually, what does happen? I mean, yes, more infomercials, but some of the cable outlets do schedule 24 hours a day, so how do they handle gaining or losing an hour? 2 extra episodes of The Andy Griffith Show or one extra Falcon Crest?

The print edition of the TV Guide (not the online, that I can see) shows the 5:00 am to 6:00 am hour twice, with different shows in each.

Why do they show the 5-6 a.m. hour twice? Daylight saving (not savings!) time ends at 2 a.m. It’s the 1-2 a.m. hour that repeats, not the 5-6 a.m. hour.

I don’t have an answer for you but you could set your VCR and then see what happens.

There are no alien mind-control messages.

This is not a plot to dominate our world.

You must watch the television during this hour.

Everything will be wonderful.

Yeah, pretty much. I mean, do you really notice? And it’s a weekend anyway, so I’m sure they’re flexible with their lineup. Really, I’m afraid that nothing noteworthy happens during that hour.

To make this really interesting do this with one of those VCRs with the automatic time setting from the time synch signal from the TV station. I can see the basis for a great new Twilight Zone episode here.


Walloon, it’s because what they call Sunday morning starts at 5:00 am. Listings previous to that are what they call Saturday night. Rather than have a repeating hour in the middle of their Saturday night section, they choose to put it on the “border” of the two sections.

I did watch one year. It was on NBC, the Show “Time and Again” came on. I did not know what this show was, so I assumed that it was a special show perhaps about the concept of time. It was an hour long.

I have since found out that “Time and again” is a documentary program, taking a popular news story, and basically rehashing it.

In any event, I would think that nothing special or new is shown, most channels with one “feed” repeat programing for US West coast, after US East has already seen it. A repeat of earlier programing would not be unheard of.

I would think that purpose made News or “Magazine” (60 minutes, 20 20… Extra Dateline) etc. News programing could fill the time slot… but, most of the Main networks revert to News programing at these ‘late’ hours… and I think rehash of news stories more than likely would fill the time. This is also more than likely where Networks “Fix” late running games, or news breaks…
that is, they just snip a Live show, and end the program at what ever time.

Also, Commercial breaks seem to be getting longer… so…

They show what’s scheduled for the hour that’s lost when daylight savings ends.

You can find out at for your zip code what’s playing then.