TV show drinking games

In this week’s Survivor thread, mintymentioned taking a drink every time JoAnna says “Praise Jesus.”

I wondered what TV related drinking games you folk have played.
The only one I ever did was “Hi Bob” to the old Bob Newhart Show. Simple rules - take one drink every time anyone says “Bob”, 2 drinks when they say “Hi Bob.”

You wouldn’t believe how many times they say that fucker’s name in that show! You’d be sitting there pie-eyed 10 minutes into the show, and Jerry would walk in and say, “Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob. What are you going to do Bob?”

I (vaguely) remember one time 3 of us just rolled a keg for a party that hevening, and decided to christen it with a game of “Hi Bob.” Don’t know how many pitchers we went thru in 30 minutes, but the rest of the night is a blur.

Not for a recurring show, but on another occasion a buddy and I agreed to have a beer per round for the Leonard-Benitez fight. The damn fight went the distance. We gave up somewhere around the 12th or 13th round. The first several went down no problem. But then it seemed like you had just poured a new one, and the next thing you knew the round clock would be counting down below 10.

Wouldn’t have been nearly as tough for Tyson’s last fight!

We used to drink every time Homer said “D’oh” or “Mmmmm.” Then there was the “Weekend at Bernie’s” game (similar to the Bob one above) where every time someone said “Bernie,” well, you know.

Frasier, Niles, and Martin played one while watching Antique Roadshow. They took a shot every time someone said “veneer.”

I’m sure we could think of one for Trading Spaces, the West Wing, ER, Enterprise…

This one is not TV per se, but a movie one. There is a wonderful (IMO) Japanese B movie called “Wild Zero” featuring a real life (and way cool) Japanese punk band called Guitar Wolf.
A good link is
This has to be one of the most fun movies I have ever seen…the drinking game is, well, extreme. Give yourself 30 minutes to unconsciousness.

You drink whenever: anyone in the movie drinks; anyone in the movie combs their hair; anyone in the movie says ‘rock’n’roll’; anybodys head explodes (in the movie of course); fire shoots out of anything.

Seriously drunk very very fast.

Oh, I remember another one as long as we are talking movies. In college, when a buddy and I took jugs of screwdrivers down to the dorm lounge where they were showing Kelly’s Heroes, and had the brilliant idea of drinking whenever anyone died.

How about the Red Dwarf drinking game?

Or the PBS pledge drive drinking game?

Oh, heck. Just go here and say goodbye to your liver :smiley:

We used to play “Hi Bob” in college (gee, now I’m dated!). We also played “Love Boat.”

On “Love Boat”, everyone picked a character- for example, let’s say I’m Gofer and you’re Isaac (after a while, you know who to pick depending on how much you want to drink- you’ll see).

Now, every time your character is onscreen by him/herself, you take a drink. And every time your character is onscreen with another player’s character, you both drink.

Also, anytime you see the entire ship in the frame, everyone drinks. Ditto with any shot of just water.

Hoo boy. No wonder I flunked out.

I remember that one. My friends called it “Chug Boat”. Another good show for drinking is “Cops”. You can drink every time a cop addresses a suspect in a sardonically familiar way, like “buddy”, “pal”, etc. Or every time a cop uses a big word unnecessarily. Or every time a suspect appears without a shirt.

  • Drink every time anyone says “sconce”.

  • Drink every time Ty back-talks one of the designers.

  • Drink every time a homeowner says something along the lines of “They didn’t want us to touch that / They won’t like that / They hate (whatever color) paint”.

I play the Buffy drinking game. I started drinking at season four and haven’t stopped.

The Iron Chef Drinking Game

A Trading Spaces Drinking Game

And my favorite…
The VH1 Behind the Music Drinking Game

Don’t forget the “Star Trek Voyager” drinking game.

You have to drink every time you hear the words “some kind of” or “some sort of” and chug everytime you hear the word “remodulate.”


Can you give me the gist of this one? For some reason I can’t access the site from work.

Although I don’t drink, the funniest, most simple, and probably most effective drinking game I’ve seen is for the book or TV special How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Drink anytime the word “Who” is said.

Angel, really more applicable to seasons one and two.

In College, me and my buddy had a CHiPS drinking game.

It was excellent.

It began with us yelling out the letters to the title as they popped up. “C! H! P! S!” and when the “i” popped in, we’d yell “CHiPS!” and pound one.

Then we had some rules for 1 sip, 2 sips and 3 sips. The big ticket moment was if someone used Ponch’s real first name"Francis."

Sadly, this show came on right before my afternoon Political Theory class…

I always considered Oz great drinking game fodder. Take a drink every time someone gets killed, gets in a fight, kisses or has sex with another man, get thrown in the hole . . .

Alcohol poisoning would be a serious concern.

The movie Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas would make a great drinking game if you took a drink any time anyone took a drug, took a drink, had a hallucination, said something loopy (“Order some golf shoes or else we’ll never get out of here alive!”), or got in an argument or fight.

Can’t believe no one mentioned SMASHED. It’s real simple, watch a couple of episodes of everyone’s favorite show about army docs and drink along. Every time anyone says a rank (general, major, etc.) you take a drink. This one’s hit-or-miss. Sometimes they don’t mention ranks much at all, but there are episodes where a couple of officers come for a visit and stop in at the C.O.'s tent and introductions are made - you can end up with a dozen drinks piling up in a matter of seconds.

With the re-runs on fx for hours on end some days you can get really wasted.

Oh, man. Back in college&#151amazing how many posts start with that phrase—we had an excellent ST:NG game that came from someplace. The list was looooong and very funny. The only entry I remember now, sadly, is that if the ship blew up, everybody in the room finished whatever they had in their hands.

If you knew that that episode where the ship blows up six times due to some sort of subspace chronoloop fracturethingy (what was that, Time and Again?) was coming up, you made plans to be elsewhere.