TV Show ID? Aliens replacing SNL circa 1994

I know I can count on the Dope for this.

I remember seeing a news broadcast styled show on Detroit’s WDIV which replaced SNL one Saturday (and only the one Saturday, AFAIK) back in '93 or '94. It was a rather intriguing show about an impending alien invasion. I clearly remember there were clear notices during commercial breaks that “This program is a work of fiction. It is not a real news broadcast.”

Anyone else remember this?

I think that would be Without Warning. I remember that movie 'cause it was real stupid.

ETA: Your memory serves you well: it was 1994, October 30 (same day Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds radio show aired).

Could it have been this?

Without Warning

That looks like it could very well be it.