TV show scenes based on movie scenes?

Here are 2 from the Sopranos:

In Goodfellas the spider character is shot in the foot. In the sopranos the same actor (Michael Imperioli) shoots a guy in the foot.

Every season in the Sopranos starts with Tony picking up the paper from his driveway. Goodfellas ends with Henry Hill picking up the paper from his front door.

anyone have others?

If you count parodies, this could go on forever.

There’s a scene in How I Met Your Mother where Ted questions Lily about sabotaging his relationships that rapidly turns into the courtroom scene from A Few Good Men.

I would prefer to leave out parodies since there are a lot of them and not what I thought of when I started this.

There was a scene in My Name is Earl that directly mimicked the scene in Rudy where everyone gave up their jersey so Rudy could play. Even had the same guy as the Manager/Coach and Sean Astin was in it.

Not sure if that would be parody.

Parody, homage, mere imitation, etc. … umm how are we supposed to know what’s what?

if it’s played for a laugh (like on SNL for example) I would say it’s parody. But people can decide on their own.

Not exactly the recreation of a scene, but also from the Sopranos is Silvio amusing the others with his imitations of Al Pacino in The Godfather movies.

Not exactly the recreation of a scene, but also from the Sopranos is Silvio amusing the others with his imitations of Al Pacino in The Godfather movies.

and in the Sopranos Chris says he is late because “the road was packed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive” , lyrics from the Springsteen song Born to Run. and of course the actor who plays Silvio is in Springsteen’s band.

Also, in Pine Barrens the scene where Chris and Paulie take the Russian out in the snowy woods to whack him is a reference to a similar execution scene in Miller’s Crossing.

Whether this counts as a parody or not is left as an exercise for the reader. It’s played for laughs, but then so was the original.

Most people remember the “mirror scene” between Lucille Ball and Harpo Marx from I Love Lucy.

I wonder how many people realize that it’s a re-creation of a similar scene done by Groucho and Harpo in Duck Soup. That’s Harpo, disguised as Groucho, “inside” the mirror.

I really wish we could include parodies because one of my favorites is the JFK deconstruction of Keith Hernandez spitting on Kramer.

So, what’ll I’ll mention instead is that a ton of TV shows pay homage to The Godfather with oranges. Even in the Sopranos, Tony is shot while drinking…orange juice. Breaking Bad had a lot of shots with oranges, too. If oranges showed up in the Godfather, someone was going to die.

if you want to do parodies it does not bother me , go right ahead. as I said I forgot about that when I started the thread .

also they thought the Russian was already dead, just like Henry and Tommy thought Billy Batts was dead in Goodfellas. Difference is the Russian got away while Batts was killed .

Although the Russian got away from Chris and Paulie, it’s ambiguous whether he survived since we never hear about him again. (He was after all severely injured and was inadequately clothed for subfreezing temperatures.) Whatever the resolution was, it was taken care of offscreen.

Although not exactly the same scene, Walter White’s taking out his enemies with a machine gun in the finale of Breaking Bad is surely a reference to Tony Montana’s last stand in Scarface (“Say hello to my leetle fren”!"), especially since Walt watches the scene with his family earlier. (Walt: “Everybody dies!”)

Sopranos creator David Chase got lots of questions about the Russian. and his answer was always, "he is not coming back. "

I’ve also read interviews where he said it was just one of those things that is unresolved. We never find out the resolution of a lot of mysteries in real life, and this is one of those.

Personally, I like to think the Russian survived and got together with Tony’s Russian former girlfriend Irena, and they were the ones who commissioned the (also ambiguous) hit on Tony in the finale.:wink:

ISTR Garry Shandling copying the ping pong scene from Forrest Gump, which segued into a parody of the bat-breaking scene from The Natural.

There was an episode of Magnum, P.I. in which a retired detective is reunited with an old girlfriend who just got out of prison. The names were changed, but it was pretty obviously an homage to The Maltese Falcon.

Elisha Cook, Jr., who played Wilmer in TMF, had a recurring role in M,PI as a mobster named “Icepick”. I don’t remember whether or not he appeared in that episode.