TV shows and films not available on VHS or DVD

What TV shows and films that you’d like to rent or own are not available on either VHS or DVD?

For me: Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman is not available as a complete set.

Beverly Hills 90210. Probably tied up because of all the music that was played on the show.

Twin Peaks season 2.
The Tick animated, complete season 1, seasons 2-3.

The only good version of *A Little Princess * ever put to screen: 1986’s made-for-TV masterpiece with Amelia Shankley. It may have been available on VHS at one time, but it’s nowhere to be found now. And my 21 year-old taped-off-TV copy is starting to get sad. :frowning:

The short-lived show “E-Z Streets”. Never saw the pilot; maybe it would have made more sense if I had. Odd little show; had some of the most remarkable sequences I’ve ever seen on tv.

I would love to have Barney Miller on DVD, they released the first season about two years ago and that was it. :mad:

WKRP, due to music licensing issues.

Andy Richter Controls the Universe.

Seasons 2-4 of Dragnet 67-70- come on, there have to be more Sgt. Friday fans out there to demand its release!

The brilliant screwball comedy Three-Cornered Moon, a forgotten classic. I taped it years ago from TV and loaned it to a friend, and, well, you know the rest of the story . . . .

Disney’s Song of the South. It was available on VHS some years ago, but is no longer available through regular distribution channels, and sadly will probably never be again.

There are a number of web-sites selling “remastered” DVD sets, but since these are simply copies made from the original VHS release, I’d be willing to bet the quality is less than stellar. Also, they are all “unofficial” releases (i.e. in violation of Copyright laws).

Twin Peaks, Season 2
Get Smart
The Brothers Grunt

I would like the complete **Barney Miller ** and **WKRP ** to be made available for rental.
But these were of course already mentioned by Icerigger & JThunder.

I would also like the Nanny and the Professor. I wonder if it was as good as I remember it as a kid.

I am slowly watch all of SOAP on Comcast on Demand, hopefully they show the entire run, instead of just half like Barney Miller last year.


“The Fugitive”. A Quinn Martin Production. Starring David Jansen as Dr. Richard Kimble, an innocent victim of blind justice . . .

Amen, as well as the series pilot.


The NBC 1980-1 Huxley’s BRAVE NEW WORLD

a deluxe HAROLD AND MAUDE with Bud Cort commentary

Daria and all the “good” seasons of Real World.

There are a handful of the Yound Indiana Jones on VHS, but not even close to all of them. They are supposed to come out soon on DVD, but I wonder if they will cut things from the original series like they did when they reshowed some of them on USA.

Sifl…and…Ol…ly! Sifl and Olly Show!

And all the remaining seasons of The Muppet Show.

The miniseries *Amerika *from the 1980s hasn’t made it to a legitmate release on VHS or DVD

The rest of Everwood. oi.

(Apparently the sales of season 1 tanked so bad the other box sets will probably never ever happen. I bought mine!!)