TV shows & movies you surprised yourself by liking

That’s so clear not even I can manage an insanely long OP.

I was quite surprised to find myself becoming an NCIS fan. Though I like Mark Harmon well enough, I expected the show to suck; I knew it was a JAG spin-off, and I hated that monstrosity so much that even Lieutenant Colonel’s BigBoob’s chest could not redeem it in my eyes. So I avoided it for years.

But then I chanced to see a rerun on USA. The team had all been assembled on Halloween for the usual ridiculous contrivance of a case. The dialogue was funny, the characters were all likable (well, not the villains, but who wants likable villains?), and Pauley Perrette was dressed as Marilyn Monroe. I tried NOT to love it, but I was unable.

Anyway, that’s just me. What tv shows & movies have you surprised yourself by liking?

I really didn’t expect to like Not Another Teen Movie. I hadn’t seen 90% of the movies it was parodying, and spoofs of this type have been largely unwatchable since the Naked Gun series ended, yet I wound up really liking it and watching it again and again.

I am not much of a sit-com fan, and I can’t stand Jerry Stiller, but when the local station (we dont have cable) began running “The King Of Queens” re-runs late at night, I actually began to (mostly) enjoy it…

As I said, I don’t like the uber-annoying Jerry Stiller, but between Kevin James, Patton Oswald and Nicole Sullivan, it’s got some pretty funny bits.

Not normally my cup of tea, but I can say it’s grown on me quite a bit.

(I have not seen the Kevin James “Mall Cop” movie, as I am convinced it would not do anything for me)
PS—Forgot to mention that I had never watched “King Of Queens” when it was originally on network television.

You’re all going to snort at me with barely surpressed laughter. But late last night I watched a giant-crocodile-eating-people film, called Rogue. I had only been intending to watch the opening scene, because…you know…giant croc film. Somehow it seemed potentially entertaining in a cheesy Piranha II way, but not that entertaining. But, shockingly, it wasn’t half-bad. A lot closer to Jaws than Anaconda.

The first part was even kinda pretty, like a Nature special - made me want to book a river tour in Australia. The characters were not as outrageously stereotyped as you’d expect, their behaviors semi-normal. The croc and events as they occurred wasn’t insanely beyond the pale of possible. The CGI was decent.

It won’t win any awards, but I was surprised by how not-awful it was.

CSI. I know, I know, it’s hopelessly unrealistic for a number of reasons, but if you just turn your brain half-way off and watch while having dinner it’s not so bad once in a while.

The* Sex In The City* movie.

I went with my mom and my aunts on a “girls night out” thing to see it. I’ve never been into “girly” things in my life, and had only seen bits and pieces of the show. I ended up liking the movie quite a bit!

Way back in the early 90s my brother and his girlfriend rented a movie called “So I Married an Axe Murderer” starring some guy who did skits on SNL about dumb metal head teenagers (I wasn’t paying attention to those either).

I just remember thinking scornfully of my brother and how typical of the stupid stuff he liked that sounded.

I can’t even remember how me and my boyfriend (now husband) ended up watching it a few weeks later only to find it one of the funniest things we’d ever seen that we still quote to each other to this day. (“We have a piper down, we have a piper down”)

Here I am watching Bones. Sigh. I’m not proud of it. This season is downright humiliating. But I can’t, somehow, stop, because just when I’m about to tell it to go fuck itself it gives me one of those moments I watch it for.

Um…what scenes would those be, exactly? Because I’m pretty sure they don’t show what’s-her-name naked, and I can’t imagine anything else that would make it worthwhile at this point. They lost me early on with the holographic skull reconstructor.

I liked the holograph thingy. Who cares if it was unrealistic. It was pretty.


I’m sorry. What was your question again?

I quite agree. Abby would be hilarious and fun to watch even if Pauley Perrette looked like Agnes Dipesto. Looking the way she does, she’s the best thing about the show.

I have recently been watching Xena on Netflix Instant. Back when it was on I couldn’t imagine getting interested in it … a B-movie, ridiculous dialog, syndicated program obviously aimed at teen male D&D types? And yet, people I like liked it. So while bored one day I decided to watch ep 1, start at the beginning. And now I’m halfway through the next to the last season. Go figger. (It’s still ridiculous, but … what can I say?)

Everybody Loves Raymond – never watched it on network prime time, generally hate “family sitcoms” as I’ve gotten older. Started watching it by accident when they used to run two eps back-to-back at 6:00 on one of the local UHF channels. Some of those eps are just … hysterical. And I appreciate that, for the most part, the kids are just background noise.

I had the same experience with Xena, but during the initial run. I’d seen enough of one episode to be annoyed at the anachronisms (which is to say, not nearly enough, as the anachronisms are intentional and part of the joke). Then I saw the episode with Xena’s “father” and was hooked.

Pauley Perrette’s the same age as my mom. That weirds me out more than it should.

It’s not her fault you’re just a wee lad. Or lass.

Well I thought she was in her 20s! Perrette, that is; not my mother. How old is Abby supposed to be anyhow? :confused:

I didn’t think I’d like Buffy. I thought it’d be 90210 but with vampires (not that I ever watched 90210, but you know what I mean).

Stayed away from The Sopranos for a long time because I thought it was nothing but shocking language and explicit violence. Didn’t think I’d like Oz either – it’s so unrealistic, but it was addicting. And it’s fun watching actors from Oz turn up on other shows. Chris Meloni (was that a prosthetic penis?), Edie Falco, Dean Winters, Zelijko Ivanek, J. K. Simmons, Lee Tergeson, etc.

More recently, I’m really liking Two and a Half Men. Even bought the S1 DVD so I could see the extras, the producer/writer interviews, etc. It was good to see that Angus Jones (Jake) is a normal, unspoiled kid who’s having a lot of fun on the show. I still don’t like sitcoms filmed in front of a live audience, but that’s better than the ones with a laugh track.

New Zealands Next Top Model. :o I’ve met one of the contestants, but I certainly didn’t expect to be watching after she was eliminated. In fact, I’m pretty embarrassed about all the reality TV I watch.

NZ soapy Shortland St. Just about every NZ actor you have ever heard of has worked on it at some point (Temuera Morrison & Martin Henderson would probably be the best known) but its awful at the moment - but do I switch the TV off? No.

In movies Midnight Run & Ice Age. Both because I had never heard of them, so I thought they wouldn’t be any good. Wrong. As I said in another thread, Midnight Run is my favourite Di Nero (sp) movie!

I thought she was much younger as well, frankly, as Abby is clearly played as being much younger than Gibbs.

But then, I note that Mark Harmon was born in '51, so he’s old enough to be a father figure to a woman that age. Admittedly, a father figure with Electral overtones, but that’s just on her side.