TV Shows: Shower Scenes

So I watched the “Sharon Stone Episode” of Magnum P.I. the other day. At the end of Pt. 1, Sharon gets in the shower with Magnum! They each give a couple of up-and-down looks at each other, followed by a mad, passionate, kiss. Nothing was shown of course, but Sharon must have been wearing some tape, because lots of skin could be seen.

I was kind of blown away by this scene. This would be circa 1984, on primetime TV. It got me thinking - Would it be safe to say that this was the first “Shower Scene” shown on network primetime TV? If not, what other show would it be? I can’t think of any show, 1984 or earlier, that would have attempted to show something like this.

I seem to recall a pretty hot shower scene between Dr. Bobby Caldwell and Joan Halloran on St. Elsewhere. Since Nancy Stafford joined the cast in the 1983-1984 season, that would be contemporaneous with the Magnum shower scene.

I can’t believe Hill Street Blues didn’t do something earlier, though.

I remmeber Hill Street had constant references to the sex life of the desk sergeant, but aside from that I think it was mostly postcoital bedroom scenes.

There was the shower scene in NYPD Blue where Sylvia gets in with Andy. “That’s sure gonna be clean!” :smiley:

This is all the fault of Dagwood Bumstead. He’s always being drawn in a bubblebath.
And that’s Arthur Lake portrayed him in the '43 movie.
This was the first male bathroom scene, and although he was reported as wearing a full tuxedo with cummerbund during filming, the ladies in the audience still swooned and threw their hankies at the screen.
Oh, what a slippery slope that was!

Ok, so St. Elsewhere is in the running. If anyone can pinpoint the episode, please chime in.

Hill St. Blues is a good choice. I’ve seen most of the early season episodes and I don’t recall any “shower scenes”, however.

BTW, if anyone is interested, here are a couple of screens from the Magnum scene (work safe):

Screen 1
Screen 2
Screen 3

Sharon Stone, wow! :smiley:

By “shower scene”, do you mean a scene with two (or more) people making out in the shower? Or just anyone taking a shower?

Doesn’t it say just everything about our society that Sharon Stone pointing a gun at her head is “work safe” but a tv show screencap (that wouldn’t have shown any naughty bits to begin with) of her in a shower isn’t?

How about Bobby saying Good Morning to Pam from the shower on Dallas? The audience got screwed on that one…

Hill St Blues had at least one, perhaps several bathtub scenes (with lots of bubbles) with Capt. Furillo and Joyce Davenport, including one where Frank was shaving her legs. Don’t remember any shower scenes though.

Yikes, the gun screen was a mix-up. Sorry. I figured the other two would be ok, because they just showed Sharon’s head, and Selleck’s chest. If they are not considered “work safe”, I’m terribly sorry. Someone please remove them.

Sorry again.

Well… M.A.S.H. had a lot of shower scenes, but I’m not sure if they were the kind you are looking for.

The episode guides I can find don’t have good recaps attached to them, but it appears that the characters on St. Elsewhere hooked up in November 1983, while Sharon Stone first appeared on Magnum p.i. in September 1984.

As for Hill Street Blues, each of the first seven episodes (January-February 1981) ends with Furillo and Davenport together. No mention of whether a shower was involved, though.

Laura Petrie got her toe stuck in a bathtub faucet in the Dick Van Dyke Show, but by the time the audience saw her and Rob together, she was bundled up in a trenchcoat.

Seems like it would be “St. Elsewhere”. I asked TV Geek Paul Goebel and he doesn’t know of anything earlier.

Now that you mention it, wasn’t there one sequence where a nurse is taking a shower and two pairs of men’s hands start lathering her back? And the men turn out to be Hawkeye and Trapper, of course. I mean it wasn’t Col. Potter and Keye Luke or anything wierd like that.

I remember something like that, but of course it was played for laughs.

I’ve got a shout out to be the best TV trivialist I know. If she comes up with anything, I’ll let you know.

That’s the one i came in to mention.

You’ve gotta love a shower scene where you get to see Dennis Franz’s ass.


And of course there was the time that Radar lost his towel and everyone saw his tushie. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t remember any hot shower scenes though.

begins to rummage through her DVDs to prove otherwise

That would have been spring 1986. It was the end of the Season-that-was-a-Dream, and I watched my freshman year in college.