TV shows you're forced to watch because of your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend

My wife likes to watch two TV shows that drive me insane. She likes Everybody Loves Raymond , the show with lazy, deceptive, and lazy Ray, borderline abusive Deborah…well, actually, after the episode where she belted Ray in the nuts to keep him from telling his whiny brother Robert about a setup Deborah and Marie put him in, maybe it’s not so borderline. Of course there’s, as mentioned, the whiny brother Robert, and Frank and Marie, who constantly bicker. Yeah, lots of laughs :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
She also likes Malcolm In The Middle. Lot’s of yelling and screaming, and “jokes” and “gags” you can see coming a mile away.
I’m usually on the computer when the shows are on, but even having to listen to them gets on my nerves.
So, are there any shows you have to put up with because of your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend?

The old black and white episodes of Gunsmoke. At first, I would groan about having to watch it, but I actually got to liking the show. And hey, Matt Dillon was a total hottie! Sucks now that we dropped the digital cable and can’t get the Western channel. Watching the later, colorized Gunsmoke just isn’t the same.

And boxing. But I’ve sorta become interested in that too. Not to the point that I will stay up after my bed time, but at least I don’t bitch about it anymore.

My wife likes Murder She Wrote and Medium.

Well, an old GF forced me to watch Buffy…then I liked it. But the first several episodes were pretty much forced. Of course, I forced her to watch Futurama in return, and she ended up loving it almost as much as me.

I’m not in a relationship, nor do I own a TV, but I have to sit through Law & Order and Charmed while at work.

The former’s just never did much for me at all and reminds me of boring weekends with my dad and stepmom and, so far, the latter’s just not impressed me much. Seeing Alyssa Milano as a mermaid was enough for me to forgive the show its flaws so far though.

Yeah. I’m forced to watch tv all the time. :rolleyes:.

I watch my guilty pleasure shows (mostly on HGTV), but if he doesn’t want to, he doesn’t have to. He loves ST: TOS, but I could care less. I don’t watch.

My first love was a huge Dawson’s Creek fan.

That doesn’t explain why I kept watching it two years after we broke up…

I certainly don’t feel forced to watch, but I like to spend time with my husband, so I stick around while he watches the tedious bimbo-in-a-bookstore show Stacked.

Anything on the Military Channel. Blech.

Survivor, Amazing Race, and 24.

My boyfriend, Paul, watches these religiously. I never watched them before I knew him, but now I watch them and actually like them.

This is my 2nd season of Survivor, 1st season of The Amazing Race, and 1st season of 24.

Wife likes to watch CSI: Vegas, Miami, NY. She doesnt force me to watch 'em but when they’re on, she owns the remote, which to a guy, is like losing a limb. :slight_smile:

American Idol. :rolleyes:

I only get about 6 minutes into it before I head to the garage to crank up some real music, play darts or pinball and bust open a few beers.

Damn Dish Network!

Dude. You get to listen to good music, play a game, and drink some beers, instead of watching crappy TV. I weep for you. :wink:

My wife watches The West Wing. It’s a good show, as far as dramas go, I guess. But I don’t like to watch stressful work-related drama, especially right before going to bed on a weeknight. Those people on that show talk so fast, and they’re alway on about some earth-shaking crisis. They never seem to go home and just chill the fuck out. Yeah, I know, they’re running the country and all. I just don’t like watching that sort of thing. In fact, I don’t want to know about anything even remotely resembling work when I’m not at work.

It just wouldn’t be the Dope without someone getting their nose out of joint for no reason!

I occasionally watch Cold Case and CSI with my girlfriend. If you want to talk about forced though, I have to watch State of Origin with her and her brother every year. I gotta say, with the enthusiasm they bring I can actually see why a lot of people watch televised sports. I still don’t watch 'em on my own though ;).

I’m “forced” to watch little, the joyful thing about lady friend is that she and I first got together after expressing an appreciation for shows like Farscape and the like over emails :slight_smile:

Ahhh, you’re both into long running series with huge fan bases I see :smiley:

I think I’ve seen ever episode of The Nanny since my GF and I started dating. Not by choice, either. While Fran Drescher has her obvious charms, I really dislike her character on that show.

Of course, GF has tried to watch The West Wing with me, but has never lasted one episode.

When “The Sopranos” first came out, I insisted that it was stupid and wrong to romanticize mob life. So I’d hang out on the couch and read while my husband watched. Pretty soon, I found myself getting into it and asking him questions about characters, plot lines, etc. Damn him. Now it’s my favorite show.

I’m subjected to Stargate frequently, as well as any other show on the Sci-Fi channel. Yawn.

He also likes CSI and Law & Order, but I’ve finally managed to cultivate an interest in those.

Of course, he cringes when I find a Brady Bunch marathon. :stuck_out_tongue: