TV's Guilty Pleasures

I watch Friends and Seinfeld repeats every evening, even if I just saw the episode. It’s a disgusting habit, but I can’t stop. :smiley: I love repeats.

Amen, and can I get a witness! A witness re: his hotness not my loserness. That’s already been established. Thanks for the link.

Also, I’m addicted to Leave it to Beaver; the show and the dialogue is soooooo corny, I find myself laughing at just about everything, but in a way that acknowledges how heartwarming it is! I actually had a relationship with my next youngest brother similar to Wally’s and Beav’s.

And yeah, I cannot miss Growing up Gotti. Talk about not being able to turn away from a car wreck. It’s one of those show that’s so bad, it’s good!

Just so you all don’t think I absolutely one dimensional and low-brow, I also love The Sopranos, Six Feet Under and Law and Order.

Those must at least make my tastes mid-low to near-mid-brow and adds at least a half a dimension. I think.

Ward Cleaver is the greatest TV father of all time. Next to Homer Simpson of course.

I guess I should throw Pokemon into the discussion. Not that I watch it very often, but I love the episodes where Ash is in the competitions. (and I only ever watch it with my son)


My most recent guilty pleasure is Fresh Prince of Bel Aire, which has hit the perpetual rerun circuit on Nick @ Nite. Luckily, it comes on at midnight (and then again at 2 AM) so I don’t have to really hide it from anyone.

I also occasionally watch Cops.

Sometimes I’ve been known to watch Saved by the Bell.

But not the crappy spin-offs.

There are pleasures, there are guilty pleasures…and then there’s ElimiDate.

So bad, it’s AWESOME…

I used to love the syndicated action show She-Spies, that would often be shown late on Saturday nights after SNL. (I have no idea if it’s still on, although I hear later seasons weren’t as good as I remembered.) It was essentially a made-for-TV version of the Charlie’s Angels movies, with three sexy secret agent-type girls and their bumbling male boss. But what made the show watchable was the humor–very tongue-in-cheek, and often breaking the fourth wall, with the lovely ladies addressing the camera in asides, or even making note of “the writers,” or the fact that they understood they were in a TV show. V.I.P., a similar show that starred Pamela Anderson, was also a guilty pleasure, but I always thought She-Spies was funnier, and therefore better-written.

I don’t consider any of the other shows I like “guilty”: Arrested Development, The Shield, 24, Law and Order: SVU, Justice League Unlimited, South Park, Family Guy, Chappelle’s Show, Conan O’Brien, 30-Minute Meals (mmm, Rachael Ray… OK, maybe I feel a little guilty about liking that one SO MUCH).

I actually watched VIP to get plot ideas for homegrown adventures to run for my D&D group…

No kidding… TV shows with easy-to-follow plots and unimaginitive plot twists actually make the best inspirations for roleplaying adventures. Because if you depend on your players to follow any sort of complicated plotline, or make brilliant insights to solve problems, you’re gonna be disappointed.

And shows with ensemble casts of “strike team” characters are even easier to adapt. (Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Pam Anderson has nice gazongas… fake or not.)

Now the real guilty pleasure I can’t admit to is that I actually enjoy watching shows like The Bachelor or Who Wants to Marry My Dad that my wife insists on watching, even though I whine and complain when they’re on.

Cuz the wimmin are hot!

The BBC America Show Trailer Park Boys. I have no idea why I like it. Few of the characters are particulary upstanding, the show takes place in a crappy trailor park and the production values are like reality TV. I hate Reality TV.

So why do I watch it and laugh?

Every time I watch The Benefactor, I pray for death. And yet, I simply can’t stop watching it. I’m also enjoying the Surreal Life this season…Dave Coulier cracks me up just by existing. Also, reruns of Who’s The Boss. Love 'em lots.

Married With Children and The Jerry Springer Show , for sure. Then there is Real Sex, Taxicab Confessions, and all of the hooker documentaries on HBO. They just fascinate me.

UPN’s Half & Half and Girlfriends , just because I like to gaze upon the lovely black actresses in those shows ie, Essence Atkins, Rachel True, Golden Brooks, Persia White & Jill Marie Jones. The supposed star of Girlfriends, Tracee Ross, does nothing for me but the others sure carbonate my hormones.

The O.C.
The Bachelor
Wife Swap
Leave it to Beaver
Dr. Phil
Three’s Company (I even own the Season 1 DVD)
Starting Over: is anyone else watching this but me and a handful of people on TWoP?? No one here ever talks about it. Whew! Talk about a guilty pleasure!

And since drm mentioned it, I’ll admit to having watched about a half-dozen episodes of Seventh Heaven. :o

The O.C.
Gilmore Girls
What Not to Wear- They go give good tips on how to dress yourself.
I tend to watch TLC a lot. Ok, a whole lot.

Glad to see I’m not the only one who used to watch T-NBC. (I still miss it sometimes.)

While I was sick last week, and doped out of my mind on cough syrup, I rediscovered the joys of watching Pokemon. It’s a dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb show but yet it seems to have a sort of elusive, twisted internal logic that’s strangely tantalizing.

I can never quite figure out why the characters do the things they do, or why the solutions that they come up with actually work to solve their problems, but I keep thinking that it should be possible to figure it out; there must be some deep rules of psychology or ethics or logic buried in there somewhere, if I can just find the key . . .

Also, you know the way the Pokemons only say their names over and over? I dig that. I happen to find it hi-larious.

Or maybe it was all the cough syrup . . .

I love when they have the conversations.

Pikachu: Pika pika
Bulbasaur: Saur Saur

It didn’t come to mind at the time, but I now remember.

I’ve become of big fan of Invader GI…er, ZIM. I realize it’s a show for little kids, I know it’s on Nickolodean, but for some reason, it’s my favorite non-prime time cartoon since the old Ren and Stimpy show, which they stopped making new episodes of when I was a kid.

Or perhaps I just want a GIR of my own. He’s so fricken cute.

The problem is that I’m a 22 year old college students and am no stranger to the fine arts.

Reruns of Beavis & Butthead on MTV2. The Surreal Life, Things I hate About You, and the occasional Extreme Makeover. I claim to hate reality TV but, obviously, I watch it too. Guilt guilt guilt.