TV's Guilty Pleasures

what do you watch with the blinds closed?

I am NOT watching the VP debates tonight in favor of tuning in to One Tree Hill. Because two teens just got married but the groom is just now getting his bachelor party. VP Debates vs. Strippers licking Nathan. No contest

I enjoy watching The Gillmore Girls, but wouldn’t like anyone knowing about it. Also somewhat ashamed of finding the Powepuff Girls hillarious.


I still catch an episode of The Beverly Hillbillies whenever I can.

To go along with that, Green Acres, although I don’t consider this a guilty pleasure. It was brilliant.

The Digimon series. Any season.

For that matter, quite a lot of anime. I don’t know if I could live down some of what is in my collection. (And no, there is no hentai in any of it.)

I’m with Bippy… I’d watch Gilmore Girls, just to see the hot mom, then, uhh… that show about the three hot sisters who are witches? And hot?

And Providence.

All because I thought the actresses were hot.

Did I say they were hot?

Yeah. I guess I did.

They were still hot.

Of course, now that I’m married and expecting, it’s a guilty pleasure to watch TV at all… I can barely get my AFV, Extreme Elimination Challenge and Maximum Exposure in.

The Surreal Life. But only the first two seasons. This season sucks.

I’m 37, and I am addicted to the Power Rangers.

I think it has something to do with having a 6 year old son, as I have only developed this strange dependency in the last year or so.

Only the recent ones are guilty pleasures, after the Rowdyruffs became recurring villains or thereabouts. The early seasons were gold.

The first two seasons were good. Frontier (=season four) was bland but endurable. Tamers was an unqualified disaster, feh! But I’m not too embarassed to admit I have uncensored versions of some of the odder first season episodes.

I recently got turned on to the current yet obscure cartoon, ChalkZone. It makes not a whit of sense and revels in it. Always good to see in animation. Now if Nick would quit bouncing it around the schedule, I might could see more of it.

Yes, I watch too many cartoons.

I don’t watch much TV, but I scoped an entire episode of Wife Swap (yes, I said Wife Swap) on Saturday.

Wait! I have an excuse! I got locked out of my dorm and my roommate and RA were out. So as any decent college student would do, I…sat down and watched TV until my roommate returned. Wife Swap happened to be on at the time.

That said, I don’t think it’ll be a regular thing for me…

I agree. Brigitte Nileson and Flava Flav? Creepy!

Oh lets see, this could be quite a list

The Gilmore Girls
One Tree Hill
The really stupid one with Lori Laughlin, Summer something or other
Seventh Heaven (it’s an aweful show, just aweful. It’s incredibly preachy and all of the characters annoy me - but I can’t stop watching it.)

These are shows I would never tell people I know in real life that I watch.


Although I have to admit that I’m coming out about my One Tree Hill fandom. Actually a bunch of people watched with me last night since we didn’t care to see Cheney and Edwards duke it out in a pre-packaged speech.

I also think I’m becoming a fan of The Mountain for its delicious Dynasty-like trashiness.

Dog the Bounty Hunter.

But it’s on A&E so it’s not like it’s trash… Oh wait.

The Lawrence Welk show.

It’s on when I wake up from my Saturday afternoon nap. No. Really. I’ve never actually turned on the TV to watch it.

What I like About You. It’s such a terrible show, but Amanda Bynes is so hot. Also, it has Wesley Jonathan in it, who is one of the lead characters in my old guilty pleasure show, City Guys. Man, am I a loser. :smack:

Suburban Plankton, don’t feel like you’re all alone - I love the Power Rangers too (I’m 38). Unfortunately, I have no excuse as my son outgrew them years ago. I just didn’t. :smiley:

Then again, I’m a Bonanza freak as well. I believe there may be something wrong with me. :wink:

Aww yeah. Caught this show for the first time last night. Maybe it’s because I’m a prosecutor and I know bail bondsmen, but this show really strikes a chord with me. Take 'em all down, Dog!

The O.C. is my current one.

And I used to get a kick out City Guys as well. Mainly for the theme song.

“C. I. T. Y., you can see why…”

I really like Shonen Jump’s “Shaman King”, and even though I’m way too old, and not even a boy, I like “Yu-gi-oh!” and the new “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. Admittedly, the new TMNT isn’t as good as the original (despite arguably better animation), and “Yu-gi-oh!” doesn’t hold a candle to “Shaman King” ( a cartoon that spends more time on character development than some adult shows), but there you go. “Shoalin Showdown” is kinda nice too. I’m going to go hand my head in shame now.

I’m addicted to Clean Sweep.